How Can You Run Successful Facebook Surveys In 2020?


Facebook is the number one social media site in today’s era. More than 2 billion people make use of it regarding sharing interesting aspects of their lives. However, now, this social media giant does not just remain about random likes, shares, but has become a strategized perfect fit for business marketing. The companies all across the world pursue Facebook ads, surveys, polling, and a lot more to market their brands. So, they can fill their spot as an authentic brand on Facebook. 

Well, as you know, we have just entered a new year. Due to which the stakes of competition between businesses are going to boost up even more on Facebook. So, what can you do to stay ahead in this scenario? Of course, you can make more endeavors to upgrade your services as per your customers’ satisfaction. There are some functionalities of this social media hub that can help you immensely to know what your customers want from your business. And, one of which is Facebook Survey– the best method you can use to become aware of your buyer personas. 

What Is Facebook Survey?

Customers are the key focus of every business infrastructure these days. According to a recent Facebook survey, you can run pollings, question-answer sessions, and stuff on this platform. And, consequently, get to know insights about your brand as far as your customers are concerned. 

However, running successful surveys is not easy on Facebook. You have to up your game for creating the best Facebook survey ads content. Because, many times, your customers ignore these kinds of questions as they seem very dull and sometimes irrelevant too. So, here, we’re going to discuss some tips concerning how to make your surveys successful in 2020.

Are you ready! Let’s dive in!

 Research, Research, & Research-

Yes, you heard it right! Research is one of the most prominent practices for surveys. Many times, because of the lack of inspection, polls tend to look illogical and not related to something valuable. That’s why the more you dig deep down, the better content you can create for Facebook poll ads

There are various analytics tools available, through which you can extract and gather enormous amounts of data to use in your surveys. So, before you run any polls, make sure that it should grab the attention of your customers and push them to participate in it. 

Go For Survey Tools-

There are various survey tools present on the web, following which you can implement polls quite seamlessly for your brand. You can go for tools like Facebook Audience Insights, SurveyMonkey, Polldaddy Polls, and all. By using them, you can choose different polling templates. And, accordingly, draft your surveys. 

The effective use of these tools also causes an increase in the response rate of your Facebook polls. 

Track Your Competitors-

Keeping an eye on your competitors is one of the things that come naturally with Facebook surveys. Nowadays, it would not be wrong to say that Facebook has become very much about tracking your competitors. Because, it is the best way to take new content ideas up your sleeves as well as gauge who’s doing what regarding their business on Facebook.

Competitive ad intelligence tools like PowerAdSpy can back you completely concerning tracking your competitors. By using it, you can follow-up leading Facebook ads and extract insightful data. 

These are some of the best ways you can follow to run successful Facebook surveys.

Final Words:

Knowing what your customers likes and dislikes has become a need of the hour. As, today, almost all business marketing traits revolve around customers. If you’re not able to understand what they appreciate, then nothing is worth it. That’s why the implementation of all the above-described tactics in your survey planning can be a game-changer for your Facebook business in 2020.

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