From Entrepreneurs To Influencers: Navigating Latest Social Media Advertising Rules!

Do you believe that social media is losing its organic reach? Indeed, it seems that most of the brands are investing more in their ad strategies as they have grown fatigued with continuous competition on core social media advertising platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram).

It could be a bit scarier for marketers to shift from organic ad strategy to paid one. However, marketers still believe that social media is one of the most cost-effective platforms for advertising. 
For being successful, you need to be more tactical before opting for organic or paid adverts on social media. And to overcome these social media hurdles, I have shown here some rules and guidelines to advertise your business. Here we go:

Rule No 1: Relevant & Personalized Content

Social media has undergone many changes and scrutinies to deliver only the best for its users. Now the newsfeed of platforms like Facebook and Instagram prioritizes personal posts from families and friends. And eventually, it is also hurting the organic reach of brands. Though you also have an option to go for paid ads. But unless you deliver something engaging for your users, your ads will not be having better visibility on Facebook/Instagram. 

To enhance your reach, you need to feed relevant content to your target audience, which should satisfy their needs. That way, you would be getting more audience on ads. And they may also advocate your posts to other users.

Rule No 2: Quality Of Content

For maintaining quality, social media platforms have their own set of ad policies. There are many prohibitions and standards to the quality norms of social media platforms.

Facebook has owned Instagram. No doubt, Instagram and Facebook ad guidelines, and policies are also similar. Now the Facebook ad guidelines have become more strict. And you need to be more considerate towards the quality of ad content and disallow any poor and prohibited content posts on Facebook/Instagram.

Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms also follow some strict social media ad guidelines to improve the quality of ads.

Rule No 3: Transparency

Social media has adopted the consumer-centric culture. It means that if you want to gain customers on your platform, you need to focus on customer retention and loyalty. Surely, transparency is the best way of achieving that on social media. In fact, according to the survey of Label Insight – 94% of customers are loyal to brands that are transparent with their ad strategies.

Rule No 4: Interactive Marketing

Nowadays, it has become usual for customers to anticipate responsiveness from brands. In the era of social media technology, it has become easier for brands and consumers to communicate with each other easily. Unlike other advertising media, social media has become a great platform for interactive marketing. And thanks to this, marketers are also getting more business opportunities.

For Example – In Poland, Coca Cola brand introduced- Santa’s Virtual Reality Sleigh Ride, where the company used VR Oculus to interact with the people. It surely was a great experience for consumers. And through this event, Coca Cola quickly outwitted their competitors.

Rule No 5: Follow UP Campaigns

Have you tried to put more effort into your social media marketing? It might also help you to gain some leads for your business. But have you ever checked how many of them really get converted into sales in the end? Sure, people might be interested in your product. And they also want to invest in it. However, there is always a chance that they would get a better offer and fickle away.

It’s always better to ask the opinion of the audience through follow up. That way, you can get a rough idea about the expectations of consumers. And by trying to fulfill those expectations, you can gain more sales opportunities for your business.

Wrapping Words:

To sum it all, I really hope that you would find these social media rules useful in your marketing business. In the future, there will be more innovations. Social media is going to become more transparent and reliable for users. And if you would follow all guidelines and rules, it would really help you to enhance your business.

In case you want to ask me something, or you want to share your own advertising experience on social media, you are welcome to comment.

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