Fabulous Ideas to Display Newborn Photos at Home

It’s personal touches that make a home and there’s nothing like family photos that makes a home warm while also being a conversation starter.  But sometimes finding ways to incorporate a photo display into interior design can prove challenging. The color arrangement, the room atmosphere, and the other artworks, not to mention the images themselves, must be considered.

Photographs that are taken at a different time with a different camera can never be the same with the latest photographs. Contrasting them with the latest photographs will require your inner Picasso to pull it through. You must balance the contrast of each photo to complement each other to create a dramatic effect on your photo display.

There are many family photos that we love. We often display them as a throwback that always put a smile on our faces. Your baby picture will always be the number one that gets the best expression out of anyone.

Newborn photography in Melbourne is popular nowadays. But getting the baby’s picture is only half of the challenge.

Getting your newborn’s photos from your photographer can be overwhelming. Though they give you some tips on how you would display them, your choice is what matters most. To create a centrepiece with your baby’s photo is not an easy task. There are a lot of things to consider in getting the perfect photo exhibit. Colour schemes, frames, matt and the place to show are among the things you will carefully consider.

Here are some tips that you might contemplate before you hang or frame those gorgeous baby photos.

Select the Best Photo for Display

Capturing your baby’s best moment is the work of the photographer but the presentation of those work of art is your job. You would have to know how to arrangement of those photos to tell a certain scene that would complement that display area. 

Knowing what photo to display helps you decide what size to print. When you want to make a collage, the size of each image will matter.

Sizes and Their Placement

When choosing the right size there are a couple of things to consider. First, how far the photograph will be seen? Are you going to see it from across the room as you enter it or is it going to be in a closed place like a hallway where it’s always going to be seen close? If you are going to see the picture on a large wall from across the room, then you must rely on a large photo or photo cluster to fill the space.

Always go big! A small photo appears to look even smaller on a large wall. There are images that are always seen in a narrower space from a relatively closed view. However, you can get away with a much smaller picture at a smaller constraint of space.  Consider using the sizes 16×20, 11×14 or 8×10 when you are viewing them from 3-6 feet away because they look terrific from that point of view.

There are several great guides out there to help you visualize a photo-cluster. Check out Pinterest for collage inspirations.

To Frame or Not to Frame?

A very tough question to answer however this is always based on your personal preferences. The framing adds significant proportions to your picture’s overall appearance. When you add a frame and a matt, it would increase the scale of your picture even more!  Framing also helps you to choose something that fits the decors of your home and improves the picture as well. Selecting the same colour frames that vary in design can make your gallery pop.

If you are doing clustering of photos, using canvas wraps can be cleaner and more modern looking. Mixing it with the existing frames makes it more unique and stylish.

A photo collage can have an oversize frame or not. It would vary on what size of photos are you using. Your created input would decide what path you would take. Pinning photos on the wall or tying them on a string to hang them gives an uncommon yet homey vibe.

Regardless of what method you would choose, your goal is to create the ambience that you crave when you see those photos on display.

Hanging is not the only option

Hanging a framed photo is the typical way of displaying a photo. With the help of modern technology, your creative thought can be made into reality. Here are some examples:

You can custom made photo wall decals or photo wallpapers.  You must provide a high-resolution image to the printing shop to ensure the high-quality output when printer.  Find someone who is using a non-fade material.

Modern innovation had developed a printer that uses a special ink that can print on any surface.  Therefore, you can print custom photo coasters, mugs and plates. You can also make custom wooden photo blocks or bricks. Any product that uses PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material can be printed as well. A cloth that can be made as shirts throw pillowcases and rug can be the canvas of your portrait.

The digital photo frame is a popularized in the mid 2000s. Over time they develop a more efficient and functioning product. It is convenient because they can display a slideshow of photos that are stored to its memory card. It is a frame where you can show off a thousand photos.

This is perfect if you can’t choose which photo to print among hundreds of images you’ve got.

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