Communication: The Power of Speaking Up

  • Have you ever responded to a request, when asked, and then your response went unnoticed?
  • Did you respond again and still get no reaction?
  • How did that effect your drive, enthusiasm and desire to be involved with that person or experience?

Sometimes, through no fault of our own, we call someone or write to them or do something special and our action appears to be unnoticed. Most of us seem to have a natural tendency to just give up and put our focus and energy toward something or someone that is easier to connect with.

However, when we get what feels like a small rejection, if we do nothing about it we will probably begin harboring some resentment. Without knowing why we received no response, our imagination often takes over. We may even have an inner dialogue, assuming all sorts of reasons why our response was not reciprocated. But our inner dialogue is not necessarily accurate. It often tends to err on the side of negativity. We may tell our self that the other person did this “on purpose” or that we are, in some way that we don’t understand, inadequate and unworthy.

If we operate on the premise that people tend to either seek pleasure or avoid pain, when a situation feels uncomfortable and has the potential to cause us to feel emotional pain, the easy way is to drop it and do something else. However, there may be a simple reason for the personal slight or oversight by someone else. And by not pursuing further communication about the specific incident, we may lose out on something valuable in our life.

This is where speaking up can bring such a sense of understanding, relief and personal well-being. When we say what is true for us, in any given circumstance, and we then discover what is true for the other person or people involved at the time, that process calms the working of our mind. With clarity, insight and personal understanding, we are able to feel renewed energy and can reconnect instead of breaking off and turning away.

Do YOU speak up and express what is really true for you in the moment? How have you been affected at those times when you attempted to speak up for yourself? Finding your voice and speaking up is therapeutic, healing and can literally transform your relationships and change your life.

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