Causes, Symptoms and Solutions for Atelophobia- The Fear of Imperfection


Atelophobia is a fear related to imperfection. People with this fear; try to achieve perfection in everything from school, work, family and friends. Instead of trying to accept and live with the perfect things they have, they tend to fear about the loss they are going to face due to the imperfections they have. People with atelophobia try hard to stand perfect in every walks of their life. Even a small failure may cause fear resulting in doubting their ability to do that task.

Cause of Atelophobia

Most often this fear can be the result of some distress related to imperfection faced by any individual. The degree of fear depends on the pain suffered by that individual. People with Atelophobia lack self-confidence and have thought that nothing except perfection is accepted by this world. Therefore, they try hard to reach perfection spoiling their life as well as their acquaintances demanding the same. They might have had a demanding childhood forcing to achieve impractical targets or competing with tasks that do not allow imperfection. Whatsoever be the reason, even a normal interruption in the daily routine may cause fretfulness or emotional pandemonium to person suffering from Atelophobia.

Symptoms of Atelophobia

The symptoms range from perspiration, nausea to panic attacks depending upon the situation and the mind state of the individual.

Other Indications:

– Fast heartbeat
– Dehydrated oral cavity
– Giddy feeling
– Sensitive mind
– Muscle strain
– Hyperventilation
– Feeling unsteady
– Strong fear of forthcoming tragedy
– Feeling of losing self-control
– Fear of inability of escaping from ambush

How to Identify Atelophobia?

The individual with fear of failing can identify his problem by self-analysis. Noticing their reactions when they face any failure can be the first step. These people can consult a general practitioner to exclude any medical reasons behind this fear. The doctor may then recommend a therapist for further treatments.

Solution to Control the Fear of Imperfection

Try destroying your enemies. Your enemy is your fear and the failure. Make a list of things and people who made you feel bad and shred that paper into pieces. Your mind will get relaxed as you have mentally overcome your defeats. Though temporary, the solution works well even for bigger failures.

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