Alekh Kumar Parida- Young Influencer stepping into Bollywood


Bollywood is the only industry that doesn’t ask for your qualifications but only for your skills and talent. Alekh Kumar Parida, a digital influencer, is soon going to make his debut in a Bollywood movie in 2020.

Alekh Kumar Parida is a young influencer on social media. He is a highly motivated and positive person. His influential content on Instagram is mostly about a lifestyle that is really nifty. He loves traveling and spends his spare time travelling and exploring the countryside and creating content which acted as a major advertisement for any young traveler.

He is going to make a debut in Bollywood in 2020. The way he presents and influences others through his lifestyle video content gave him the golden ticket to Bollywood.

His Instagram handle – @beingalekhkumar

Connect with Alekh Kumar Parida –

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