Why it is important to talk about mental health

Mental health is an issue that is very easily avoided in general conversation as when compared to physical health because most people are scared of it and talking about it makes them feel insecure about themselves. Some people also consider mental health and talking about mental health as a taboo. But it is very important to know about it at a young age, rather than trying to figure out what is wrong with you at a later stage and thinking that you are going crazy. Mental health is very important as it helps in keeping you happy, positive and stable. Not everyone who has mental health issues is crazy. In fact, mental health issues are nowhere near someone having a psychic disorder. Therefore it is very important to talk about mental health. It could be a family member or someone whom you trust a lot. You need not be going through a phase to be able to know about it. Knowing about it at the right time is very important because anybody can have issues related to mental health at any point in their lives. 

Having panic attacks or anxiety issues is a very common thing, but we feel different and disturbed because it is not spoken about a lot, even by the people who have the worst of it. Those who are going through that phase must know that they are not alone. Sharing your problems with someone will definitely find a solution. Overthinking about it and cribbing to yourself will never find a solution, it may even make your situation worse. Such situations usually account for a person building upon thoughts and having a heavy heart and you can only feel better and light when you talk about your problems. A sensible person will definitely help you in getting out of this situation. The best way to deal with mental health issues is by getting therapy/talking to a therapist. This is the bit that scares most people and makes them say “I am not crazy”. A therapist is not someone who deals with crazy people, they deal with normal people like me, you and everyone else. It will help you in taking off all the load from your mind and heart.

Having a regular session with a therapist will make you understand your problem. A therapist will not train your mind, instead, will guide you in a way such that you can train your mind to do things that you always felt anxious doing. Being in such situations more and more will gradually help you get used to it and over time will not trigger anxiety. When you get therapy, you will always have someone who can listen to anything that you have to say without the fear of being judged because they can understand how much a person can go through and how stress can affect your mental health. Doing this regularly will help in reducing your anxiety without the need for a capsule or an anti-depression pill. There should be absolutely no hesitation in signing up for therapy if you are stressing too much or if you feel like anxiety is triggering you in situations when it shouldn’t. Other solutions also include meditation and exercise. Meditating every day will make a huge impact on one’s life. It is the only time when you are trying to have a clear mind without having any heavy thoughts and no stress. Exercise is physical but it has a great impact on your mental health as well. In simple words, pamper for yourself and take care of your body and mind, because they are your greatest assets and you ought to take care of them, only then you will receive the love back in the form of happiness and positivity.

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