Why Golden Retriever is the best pet ever?


Our talented Co-Founder and C.E.O. Arushi Sana has a beautiful pet, Simba, a Golden Retriever who hasn’t stopped waving his tail since years and is now an integral ‘good boy’ of her family. Her love for Golden Retriever got me interested in writing this article.

If you’re a first time dog owner, a sports enthusiast or in the market for some uncomplicated affection, then you definitely want to consider getting a golden retriever. Once you get to know this great breed, you won’t be surprised why it’s considered one of the most popular breeds in the world, second only to the Labrador.

A golden is quite an easy dog to maintain and keep around the home. A well-trained retriever is very calm, easy to teach and affectionate. They work well with children and the elderly, and they are more than happy to let you know just how much they love you.

For first time dog owners, you can learn a lot from owning a golden retriever. First, you will learn what it really takes to be a good dog owner. You’ll learn what you should have in order to keep a golden retriever happy – i.e., enough food and water, lots of walks, a good chew toy or two, and definitely a lot of petting and hugs!-, and you’ll learn how to take care of a large breed dog.

Remember, a golden retriever is still a very strong dog, so you’ll need to know how to handle and train one so that he/she will know when it’s time to be to calm and when it’s time to play. What’s more, the breed is a very fury one, so you’ll need to learn what you should do to groom a long furred dog properly. Using the right tools such as brushes, combs and nail clippers are essential to keeping your dog healthy and looking good!

If you’re into sports, one of the best breeds to accompany you is the golden retriever. There’s nothing they love more than jogging or running. The breed loves water, so if you’re a swimmer or a beach bum, then your dog will definitely love going with you for a swim or two. The retrieving instinct is deeply ingrained with this breed, so you can toss a ball or Frisbee, and watch your golden bound away like a bullet! Even those who love hunting fowl such as ducks, geese or turkey can use their golden retriever to track, chase or retrieve fowl.

Folks with special needs can greatly benefit from this breed. Many golden retrievers are taught to be seeing-eye dogs, bomb dogs or search and rescue dogs. They are very intelligent, and can learn up to 200 commands, both verbal and nonverbal. They are easy to train, responding well to positive reinforcements such as treats and repetitive praising for a job well done.

However, the golden retriever is most famous for being a very laid back and warm breed. They love companionship, and can spend hours playing with you, or cuddled against you as you watch television or read a book. A well-socialised retriever acts well even in situations where there are a lot of unfamiliar people, so you can pretty much take a retriever anywhere that dogs are allowed. This amazing breed is both beautiful to look at, and a pleasure to have around.

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