What Exactly is the Difference Between Obsession And Manifestation

Manifestation starts when obsession ends. True! What is obsession? It is the state of having something in the mind that the heart with all its feelings keeps responding to. And this state continues for a long time, with the same topic continuing again and again in the mind. All that exists is want and need which feels unpleasant to you.

This is clearly not the state of manifestation. What is being manifested is just more obsession. All you desire then is just freedom.

Getting out of the state of obsession takes effort, and takes something much greater than the subject matter being obsessed about. It takes a deliberate connection to well being and in this space you can actually experience pure love, and contribute to the world.

You cannot deal with obsession from the level of the subject matter. You have to climb over and above it to tackle it. You have to let go completely, and turn your thoughts towards other subjects.

A smile, a look, a thought, a glance, a shape, a texture, a few words, is all that it takes for obsession to dawn and set in.

The human emotions have the innate capacity to love anything that it likes. But truth be told, obsession starts when people face the situation of living life without something. They just cannot take it. The mind literally needs a stick to hold onto, to feel alive and happy.

Why not be happy in yourself, let go of your worries and climb to a level of consciousness over and above it? How much longer can one live in the same space, grinding the same rice again and again. The mind has infinite ability to do that, yet it does create stress and strain on the nervous system.

What is manifestation then?

When you are no longer in the state of needing to have something, and no longer concerned about any particular subject matter, the mind lets go. And from that space, some beautiful new pictures of creation come floating up. This is imagination. And from these wonderful new pictures, creation happens. That is manifestation. And yes, manifestation happens from a space of joy, joy in one self, and not only in the other. When joy in oneself is absent, and only joy in the other is sought, that is called obsession.

Let go and climb up to a level that is as high as the mountains. And from there being in joy, create! And don’t let your creations become your obsession. Being single minded and one pointed is different from obsession. One pointedness comes from a sense of truth and confidence in one’s true and beautiful nature (dharma). Obsession comes from needing to have something for yourself without which you cannot be happy.

You can never really own anything that is not a part of the Universe’s intention for itself and for you.

The Universe intends happiness for you and will only do that which strengthens you, and reduces attachment to things that don’t really make you feel good.

Align yourself with Source first and be in the space of well being.

Your intentions are clear in your vibrations, and resonates all over the Universe. Obsession says loudly “I don’t have this.”. While letting go says “I know that I will have this when I am in alignment. I need not obsess about this now.”

As your contribution towards the world increases by leaps and bounds, the Universe very much puts itself at your disposal. Until then you are only playing tug of war with the Universe for this and that!

And playing tug of war is never a healthy space to manifest from. Let go and turn your mind towards the power of contributing, and open your arms to receiving. That is where power lies.

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