Two Powerful Forces in Entrepreneurship: Passion and Pressure

Passion and pressure are two powerful forces that can affect our actions. Passion comes from inside of us and the pressure comes from the outside of us. Whether ones field, is science, history, art, religion, or business, often, we can all be passionate, but, when it comes to acting on our passions we tend to pause too soon on completing the actions that would help us fulfill our passions. This is because when we realize all of the tasks that come with fulfilling our passion, we begin to put unnecessary pressure on ourselves and become too fearful or nervous to even take the first step toward that passion. However, when we really think about it, our passion should be more powerful than any outside pressure, because our passion from within is the purest form of excitement that has the power to drive us as individuals to take an action.

Unnecessary pressures can include thoughts of failure, non- acceptance or, lack of finance, support, energy, and/or self-confidence. All of these pressures can serve to pause our true intentions of simply taking the natural action that comes when we are struck with passion. That natural action in most cases is simply to write it down, regardless of whether what strikes us is brilliant, complex, unheard of, or simple, but yet perfect.

In the business world, the natural act of writing our passionate thoughts down is the first step to creating a great business plan, and a great business plan is the second step to creating a great world class company.

The great business plan, filled with passion, is the start to any great world class company. Thus, we must remember that we cannot let pressure pause our initial passion that gives us the purest form of excitement and drive. We cannot think to ourselves that we can’t or we won’t ever accomplish what we are most passionate about because of pressure s that comes from outside of us. We must think of how much our idea, plan, goal, and passion means to us, and how we want to write it down, not to get started on our plan, but just to write it down, because we are passionate about it, and then in turn, we have a start to what we are passionate about.

Thus, we must never allow pressure to pause our passion, and the natural action that follows our passion. If anything, we should allow our passion to pause the pressure that comes from the outside that intends to be more powerful than what comes from the inside of us.

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