Tulsi- Amazing Herb for Home Treatments

Tulsi is a mark of holiness or piousness in Hindu society. Tulsi literally means a thing that can’t be compared with anyone. It is a plant that grows thorough out India and is worshiped throughout.

Tulsi is a shrub that grows in wild in the regions that are warm and moist. It is a medium height plant having annual life cycle. It has two varieties-

(a) Shayam Tulsi- The Tulsi with black leaves. It possesses medicinal properties and is largely worshiped.

(b) Rama Tulsi- the Tulsi with light green colored leaves.

Tulsi is the herb that has been used since prehistoric times. Tulsi due to its diverse actions has been the part of human evolution and is very much responsible for maintaining the health of the people.

Following are the health benefits of Tulsi

(a) Immunity enhancer – Tulsi is very helpful in increasing the immunity of the body. It helps in promoting the production of antibodies, in case of any foreign invasion in the body. It also helps in increasing the production of T helper cells that fight infections and antigens.

(b) Nervine debility – it is a powerful nervine tonic. It strengthens the nervous system and helps in controlling all the activities of the body that is controlled by our nervous system. Disease like paralysis and Parkinson can be treated with the proper usage of this herb. It improves the functioning of brain and increases the mental concentration.

(c) Fever and cold – holy basil is helpful in maintaining the body temperature to the normal. It is also effective in treating the influenza i.e. common cold. As we know that cold is caused due to infection in our body. It helps in avoiding the infection and also increases the inner strength of our body to tackle the infections to the fullest. Chewing Tulsi leaves is helpful in relieving from cold and flue.

(d) Cough – Tulsi or the holy basil is one of the most common herbs used in cough related remedies. It soothes the throat and also helps in curbing the infection in the throat and respiratory tract. It also very effective in treating the asthma and is know to provide good results in asthmatic conditions. It helps in expelling out the mucus to clean up the respiratory tract. It also helps in treating bronchitis and other respiratory disorders.

(e) Sore throat – Tulsi is also good in relieving from sore throat. Tulsi leaves boiled in water are very beneficial in treating sore throat.

(f) Respiratory disorder – Tulsi is just the drug of choice in respiratory disorders. Honey with Tulsi leaves is an excellent remedy to support the throat and respiratory disturbances.

(g) Kidney stones – holy basil is effective in stabilizing the renal disturbances. Holy basil juice is quite effective in treating the renal calculi and also helps in breaking up of the stone in the kidney. The broken calculi get expelled from urinary tract through urine.

(h) Heart problems – Tulsi is quite beneficial in heart related problems and tones up the heart muscle. It improves the blood circulation and reduces the cholesterol level in the body.

(i) Tensions and stress – it is one of the best Adaptogenic agents in that helps in relieving from stress. It also avoids the free radical formation in the body and a relives from stress on brain. It is one of the best anti- oxidant agents.

(j) Oral infection – it is also helpful in treating infections especially of the oral cavity. Tulsi not only curbs the infection in the body but also helps in toning up of gum and maintains the hygienic condition in the body. It is also helpful in relieving from mouth ulcers.

(k) Insect sting – it helps in relieving from the agony of the string bite and reduces the inflammation.

(l) Tooth problems – it strengthens the gums and avoids any cavity and plaque formation in them.

(m) Pain in head – it is a good analgesic and helps in relieving from conditions like migraine and head ache.

(n) Eyes related problems – it improves the vision and also helps in toning up of eyes. Holy basil contains the optimum level of vitamin A that is helpful in normal functioning of eyes. Juice of holy basil is also put into the eyes to avoid any infection in them.

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