Top Five Whatsapp Tips you should know


WhatsApp is the most used messaging system in the world. You have likely used it at least once. Notice to users: Do you think that you have exploited all possible options of the application? Quickly discover five tips to know.

The SMS are becoming increasingly rare, and instant messaging on social networks are becoming increasingly important. Whether on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, it is always possible to start a discussion with his friends on the internet. WhatsApp is the first instant messaging service with more than 1.5 billion users at the end of 2017. Here are the five best tips of the application, but also the behaviours to avoid

1. Silencing conversations

For all, WhatsApp group conversations can sometimes be disturbing. At work, at night, during an appointment, it is rather annoying to hear his phone always vibrate. To solve this little problem, Just put the conversation into silence. To do so, go to the discussion homepage, select the one you want to silence. Scroll from left to right, click option, then “silent mode“. You will be able to choose the duration of the silence of the discussion (8h, one week or one year).

2. Save important messages

Whether in a group or two, a WhatsApp messenger on computer can be very long. Sometimes users search for part of the conversation to recall a memory or to find the date of an appointment. If the conversation is too long, scroller from the beginning can become an impossible mission. To find these messages more efficiently, click on the news and select “important message“. Subsequently, it will be enough to go to the profile of the person with whom we discussed and select “important message”. You will be able to find all the recorded messages.

3. WhatsApp is available on a computer

If you do not know this option, it is possible. An opportunity, more convenient to write a long message or to easily share photos from your computer. If you want to install WhatsApp messenger on your computer, go to the website then open the application on your phone, press settings then select “WhatsappWeb” and then scan the QR code on your computer.

4. WhatsApp can be used without sim card on tablet

If you have a smartphone but also a tablet, it is not necessary to ask for a double sim to your operator (who can charge you the service). Download the app on the tablet, follow the steps until the code verification (which will be sent via SMS to your phone), enter the code in the application and then use it as you wish.

Little more: WhatsApp is useful for making jokes. Who has never wanted to say “David Beckham sent me a message”? Well, it is possible in any case to make your girlfriends jealous. With the WhatsFake app, you will be able to take a screenshot of a (fake) conversation with the person/personality of your choice.

5. Disable the “read” messages

As on Apple’s IMessages, and Android App, it is possible on WhatsApp to see when the match is “read” your message. Often this can lead to conflict because the person has read well but does not answer you. To avoid any inconvenience, remove this option. To do this, go to the app settings, select “Account”, then “Privacy” and change the “Seen to” from “Everyone” to “Person.”

Bonus: our tips for using WhatsApp safely

Beware of behaviours to avoid on Whatsapp: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp As soon as you act on social networks, there are rules to respect as do not peddle false information: what is called more particularly Fake News. Here we are talking about WhatsApp, so here are two behaviours to avoid on the app.

Avoid posting photos of his children: The cyber agencies have already warned parents who regularly post pictures/videos of their children on Facebook. Because who says putting on line in public also assumes the risk that malicious people recover these photos. A fact that is also valid on WhatsApp. This does not mean not to share any pictures of your children, but it should be kept in mind that some photos can be found on child pornography sites.

Be careful not to disseminate any personal information: WhatsApp uses an encryption method that is recognized by the number of users but is not foolproof. Keep in mind that in just a few clicks, it is possible to learn more about your life that your loved ones know about you.

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