Top 6 Places for Skiing In India


The winter season has officially begun, and very soon the hill stations in India will start to have snowfall. Snowfall makes these hill stations worth a visit. However, merely touring the places is not justified. There is a lot of possibility of fun if you plan on skiing this season. With so many places in sight, it is hard to choose the best ones. So, we have listed down some of the best places for skiing in India. All these places are worth your time and money, and the time you spend here willbecome one of your favorite memories ever.

Places for skiing in India

1. Pahalgam

Pahalgam is located in Jammu and Kashmir in a district called Anantnag. For skiing lovers, it is the ultimate destination. All the western regions of the Himalayas have so much snow to endure in this activity, that days will not seem enough. To top all this, the views are simply incredible, and even trekkers have a full chance of having fun at this time of the year. The accommodation options are also easy, and you can visit during December to enjoy. 

2. Solang Nala

Solang Nala is located in Himachal Pradesh, and it is a very famous valley in Manali. There are a lot of winter games to indulge in at this place, and a lot of workshops as well as tournaments are conducted in which you can learn everything about skiing. Other activities to indulge in at Solang Nala include paragliding, skating, parachuting, and zorbing. The place is always full of visitors all through the season.

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3. Manali

Manali is one of the best places for skiing in India. It is also one of the most popular destinations and hill stations amongstthe tourists, both national and international. The panoramicviews and the opportunities to have fun here are endless. A lot of beautiful slopes and snow formations can be spotted in the city during the winter months, and this makes skiing a great activity here in Manali. You can always hire guides so that you can get to know the place better. Also, if you are new at skiing, then you can learn from professional skiers as well. 

4. Kufri

Kufri is also located in Himachal Pradesh. It is usually crowded with tourists, so you must book your tickets on time. You can book your tickets online from Spicejet. Also, you can use the Spicejet promo code to save money by getting an additional discount. Kufri appears like a white blanket of snow with breathtaking views all through the winter. There is a lot of vegetation as well, which makes the view even more beautiful and fascinating. It is a great way to escape the bustle of the city and go away for a while.

5. Mundali

Mundali is located in Dehradun and is one of the best choices if you are planning to go skiing. The weather is great, and the snowcapped mountains make it all the better. There are a lot of dense forests in the city with a beautiful sheet of snowcovering them all. There is rush all through the year and especially this season, so make sure to book your tickets on time.

6. Auli

Auli is located near Rishikesh. There are so many glittering slopes covered with snowmaking the views such a delight to endure. It is an example of heaven on earth. The environment is clean and free from pollution. If you are passionate about skiing, then this has to be your favorite destination once and for all.

These are some of the best places where you can go for skiingin India. There are many other places as well; however, these top the list. Make sure you pack all your winter clothes and a camera to capture everything you possibly can. The time spent here will be worth your time, and you will surely wish to visit again next year. So, make sure you ski your heart out this winter season.

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