There is something about science fictions, right? It was with Georges Melies’ Le Voyage dans la Lune (released in 1902) that the era of sci-fi films begun. This feature is referred to as one of the first science themed films to be made and it depicted a spacecraft being launched to the moon in a large cannon. One of the most prominent writers of that time was H.G Wells (the author behind the classic The Time Machine and The Invisible Man) who inspired many of the sci-fi films. As time passed, the horizons of science fiction films got wider and films like Star Wars (released in 1977) and Steven Spielberg’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (released in 1982) received the love of audience as well as much critical acclaim and presented world with never seen before content.

Since this decade is about to end in a few days we are presenting you our Top 10 Science Fiction films from last ten years in no particular order (and it was definitely not easy picking them). 

1. Interstellar 

  • Director: Christopher Nolan
  • Why we love it? : Interstellar, released in 2014, is not just a science fiction but one of the most critically admired films of all time and it has been given the status of a modern classic. The director challenged our capability of understanding the concept of time and the narrative which involved a connection between a father and a daughter was so beautifully woven in the main plot that ‘Nolan’ has become a genre in itself.

2. Her

  • Director: Spike Jonze
  • Why we love it? : Look at the exciting plot- a lonely writer falling in love with an A.I virtual assistant! Her is a brilliant film with a philosophical core. Exploring issues such as modern love, separation, longing and our dependence on artificial intelligence this film is highly original in concept and will definitely make you fall in love with the characters.

3. Arrival

  • Director: Denis Villeneuve
  • Why we love it? : Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker starrer Arrival is a visual and emotional treat. I will not tell you much about the plot but imagine teaching the meaning of ‘love’ , ‘trust’ and ‘affection’ to some other worldly creatures when one day they randomly reach your planet. Arrival is a beautifully made film and with some great performances. It received eight nominations at the 89th Academy Awards.

4. Gravity

  • Director: Alfonso Cuaron
  • Why we love it? : Released it 2014, this film became a massive hit right after its release. Gravity, a science fiction thriller, tells the story of an American astronaut (played by Sandra Bullock) and her attempts of returning to earth when her space station is destroyed in a solar storm. With the finest 3D and VFX, Gravity is a masterpiece. Watch out the epic cameo of George Clooney. 

5. The Martian

  • Director: Ridley Scott
  • Why we love it? : Matt Damon was a riot in this 2015 science fiction film based on the book of the same name. When an astronaut (Matt Damon) is left behind on Mars, his constant struggle to survive on the red planet forms the main theme of this brilliantly made movie. I guarantee watching a potato plant grow will give you a different meaning once you watch this film. The Martian is funny, exciting and smart. Highly recommended.

6. Stranger Things

  • Director : The Duffer Brothers
  • Why we love it? : Stranger Things is one of the finest shows to come out of Netflix. This thrilling sci-fi tells the story of five friends (plus 11) in a city called Hawkins where mysterious things are happening which includes disappearance of people. Absolutely everything about this show is perfect. The cast is phenomenal and the direction is simply superb. No doubt you will Google the lead kids of the film once you finish two episodes. And please don’t blame us for you might get addicted.

7. Predestination

  • Director : Michael Spierig
  • Why we love it? : A sci-fi cum detective story, Predestination is a slightly complex film to understand but once you get the beat it will instantly become your favorite. The story is about an agent who has been given the task of travelling back in time and prevent a bomb attack in New York in 1975. Film stars Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook as leads. Predestination is highly underrated and it definitely deserves a watch.

8. Black Mirror

  • Creator : Charlie Brooker
  • Why we love it? : Black Mirror is an anthology  science fiction television series. It highlights how technology and scientific advancements affects human condition. Each episode is highly futuristic and will force your grey cells to rethink and reassess our dependence on technology. Do not miss Black Mirror’s interactive episode Bandersnatch (streaming on Netflix) which is a revolution in itself as it is the viewer that has control over the entire narrative.

9. Westworld

  • Creator : Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy
  • Why we love it?  : Everything from Nolan family is a gem, right? Westworld is a television series produced by HBO. Ranked as the most watched first series of any HBO original, Westworld is a masterpiece based on the intersection of past world and future world. In a futuristic Western-themed amusement park, Westworld, the visitors interact with automatons. However, all hell breaks loose when the automatons begin malfunctioning. Westworld is something you have never seen before. Highly recommended. 

10. Doctor Strange

  • Director : Scott Derrickson
  • Why we love it? : Well, we are aware that Martin Scorsese might not agree with us but Doctor Strange is definitely a high concept, action-packed science fiction film. One of the highest rated films of Marvel, Doctor Strange is the origin story of Dr. Stephen Strange (played brilliantly by Benedict Cumberbatch) who is one of the important characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Film is highly engaging and the CGI is super effective. With 89% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Doctor Strange is visually transfixing and charismatic.

So, did we miss your favourites? 

Was it worth reading? Let us know.