The Subtle Art of Opening doors for New Opportunities


There are a lot of things said about opportunity. Some people say it comes along once in a blue moon. Some people say opportunity only knocks once. There are so called “once in a lifetime” opportunities, and we say “opportunities like this don’t happen every day.”

All these sayings or ways of thinking seem to me to leave one powerless. They suggest that opportunity is something that just happens now and again and you have no control over it. What this does is leave us blind to what is out there every single day, and it leaves us too weak to make our own new opportunities.

If you believe in a life where you really can make a dream come true and achieve your goals, you must also believe in the ability to create new opportunities.

OK, so how do you create opportunity – I hear you shout. Well, from my very own experience, I can honestly say that it all about who you are being and what you are thinking.

Notice that whenever you are being negative – and that encompasses all kinds of ways of being, such as anxious, angry, judgmental, resentful, bitter etc etc etc, you very rarely, if ever, see the golden opportunities that surround you. And because you don’t see them, you believe they do not exist.

However, you may also notice that when you are being open, loving, relaxed, peaceful, creative, trusting, and all those things we think of as positive, possibilities just seem to open up all around you.

When you think of it, it’s quite logical. When you are focused on the bad stuff, and when your thoughts are saying things like, “it’s not possible”, “I don’t believe it”, “I don’t trust it”, you are closing doors to what is possible.

On the other hand, if you focus on what is great in your life, and when you turn your thoughts to “anything is possible”, “I can do it” or whatever it is that motivates you, opportunities seem to pop up all around you. They were there all the time actually, the only difference is that you have opened your eyes to them.

Yes, sometimes an opportunity may turn out to be not what you thought – but that’s not a reason to stop looking. The opportunity that failed may lead you on to a better one, and you will have learned something too. But if you ignore the first doors of opportunity, they will never lead you to the golden gates of opportunity.

In every situation, whether it’s a bad or good one, there is a new opportunity for something, whether it’s personal growth, love, riches or anything else you can think of. So – what are the opportunities surrounding you right now? What doors can you open? Go on – you already have the key – take a peek.

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