The Hidden Power of Music

It is said in many ancient traditions throughout history that when God created us in the unseen worlds, he blew His breath into us and sang, and thus we began to dance from the joy of being alive.

Whatever our beliefs we all share one fundamental truth that’s undeniable, each of us has a special and secret relationship with music.

The unfathomable mystery that seems unsolvable, is how can something without form be felt with our feelings and evoke such strong emotions that pictures and paintings can be seen with our soul just through the magic of sound.

Within all of us there is an unsung symphony of dreams, hopes, memories and somehow music brings us to a point where we begin to see an inner beauty that is hidden to anyone else but us.

There is something in the universe that gives us a sense of time, a sense of mortality, whether that be the changing of the seasons, the falling of leaves, the rosebuds of spring, the ebb and flow of waves, the changing of day to night, all has its own rhythm, a grace that guides each planet through the realms, and here flows the essence of life, through you and me and in every heartbeat you hear, there is different beat echoing through the world.

Everything is breathing and is in constant movement, we are a divine orchestra, amongst the sun, the moon and stars, everywhere we look we are reminded of this phenomenal beauty of being alive, and the power of music invites us to look beyond the physical and lifts the veil of what is hidden inside us and lays it before our eyes, as if it hears all our feelings and wishes and prayers, and then sings it to us.

We are all attracted to what we see as beauty, and this is what gives us inspiration whether to sing, dance, paint, write, cry or laugh.

Each breath produces a sound, a vibration, each pulsation in the body must be in harmony for the body to be able to function, this beat is the sacred music within all of us. 

If we look around at nature, every plant, each gust of wind, has its own echo, it’s very own life force, that creates an exact rhythm needed to exist.

We could therefore look at how a new born child, when music is played starts to move to this unseen flow of energy, without any thought, it’s own breath and heartbeat yearns to be free in the realm that is free of forms, the realm of unity through the beat of one drum that joins us all.

Music is the language of beauty and love, the reason for many said and unsaid words, even where words are not needed, it speaks to each one of us in a way that only we can understand.

There is a sacred secret within us and that is hidden even from ourselves, yet music reaches us far more deeply than anything in the external world.

The reason it touches us so deeply, is that it has the gift of immortality, for it lives forever in us.

In the unfoldment of the soul, there abide the universal sounds of all spheres that can be heard by each one of us as the universe invites us to dance with joy.

One of music’s greatest wonders, is that it reveals to us, that we are the reason that everything in existence has been created with angelic bliss, so that we can be reminded that the greatest beauty can be found only when we play the strings of our own heart.

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Mimi Novic is one of the bestselling authors of today and is ranked amongst the top names in inspirational, motivational and spiritual books in the world. She is one of today's most respected inspirational wellbeing lifestyle coaches, motivational and self awareness teachers. She is highly regarded internationally in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. Working as a complementary medical practitioner, life coach, voiceover artist, author and motivational speaker. Mimi has collaborated with some of the most well-known and knowledgeable therapists, coaches, healers and professionals in their field and bringing together powerful teams that work in synchronicity to bring each client the best possible life enhancing experiences. She teaches and runs workshops and seminars in holistic therapies, come medicine and self-awareness, working around the world in clinics, retreats and on a one to one basis.

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