Sunlight: Healing Power, Health Benefits and More


Today, we are going to discover the healing power of sunlight in helping us to enjoy the health we desire. More than you may think, your well-being is linked directly to the sun. The sun not only triggers the reaction of photosynthesis in plants, which produces the oxygen you breathe and the food you eat, but it also determines the occurrence of night and day. This influences the natural cycles that control the rhythmical ebb and flow of the chemistry in your body’s internal environment. These cycles include the very important cycle of sleeping and waking. Disruption of the sleep-wake cycle can be harmful to your healing system and lead to disease, whether it occurs over long periods or on an irregular basis.

For ages now, the therapeutic value of natural sunlight has been seen to be an essential element in healing. Since ancient times, physicians have prescribed regular sunbathing as an effective treatment for many common disorders. For example, the ability of sunlight to build strong bones is well documented. Natural sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, which is required for absorbing calcium in the intestines, ensuring strong bones as you grow old.

Have you been feeling overly depressed lately? Well, sunlight can lift your mood and help you to have a positive outlook for the day! Periods of darkness or extreme lack of sunlight can cause you to feel “down-in-the-dumps”. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a common form of disorder that occurs during the winter months in colder, darker climates and is effectively treated with natural sunlight.

Numerous studies have indicated the therapeutic role of sunlight in improving the health of those afflicted with a variety of illnesses and diseases. Take a look at these examples:

  1. # Sunlight stimulates immune system activity and improves immunity.
  2. # Sunlight is a natural disinfectant. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight helps kill viruses and bacteria. A well- known example was the plague epidemic of the Middle Ages during which people characteristically lived in dark, narrow conditions. Millions died and the only people who survived were those living in the country where they were exposed to fresh air and sunlight.
  3. # Sunlight exposure on the chest, and particularly on the back, helps recovery from respiratory infections like bronchitis, pneumonia, and even tuberculosis.
  4. # Sunlight helps to heal bed sores and various skin ulcers.
  5. # Sunlight helps to oxygenate and purify the blood.
  6. # Sunlight has been found to assist in the treatment of arthritis, including the common rheumatoid arthritis.
  7. # Sunlight helps to break down and eliminate uric acid, lowering it’s concentration in the blood and alleviating symptoms of gout.
  8. # Sunbathing has been prescribed by Russian and Eastern European doctors in treating obesity after finding that sunlight stimulates the thyroid gland which regulates your metabolism.
  9. # Studies in Russia have shown that sunlight affects the deep organs, helping to cure peptic ulcers.
  10. # Sunlight helps to normalise blood pressure and blood sugar.
  11. # Sunlight reduces blood cholesterol levels. It helps to reverse plaque formation in the coronary arteries which are the arteries that feed the heart. It also reduces plaque formation in the arteries
    leading to the brain, lowering the risk of a stroke.
  12. # It has been observed that regular exposure to sunlight has decreased most cancers, except those of the skin, in animals and people.
  13. # Sunlight decreases the formation of free radicals which are linked to aging.

As some studies have indicated that overexposure to the sun can damage your skin, it is advised by physicians to limit unprotected exposure to 15 minutes per day.

So, add some sunshine to your life!

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