Spotify Premium: Is it worthy of buying in 2020?

If to this day, as we mark the end of another decade, you still have no idea of what Spotify is, leave alone trying it, then you probably don’t have a taste for good music. Well, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Spotify makes, produces or releases music, don’t get it all wrong, what it implies is that, it is a platform on which the experience of listening to music is redefined. Spotify is currently and has been for a long time, the world’s largest streaming service for music from all walks of life.

The app, and primarily the premium subscription, in this case, contains a massive and extensive catalog of different genres and artists well recognized beyond international borders. For the independent bands as well as labels, there is a newly designed platform on which they can advertise their most prestigious works for hundreds of millions of users to access and listen to. Spotify is usually divided into a free version and the premium account, as mentioned before, which has most of the VIP features that the free accounts lack. However, since you need to buy the premium subscription for its access, with the dawn of a new age, we need to ask ourselves if it’s worth it in 2020.

What does Spotify Premium Offer?

For those in the dark, here’s a more in-depth and better description of what Spotify premium has had to offer users for 2019 as well as the previous years all together. Upgrading to the premium account is where the app steps into the spotlight, as it is the only paid tier offered on the platform. It grants you access to any song you desire at any time of the day, 24/7 and 365 days a year. The app is always active and you can access it using your smartphone or pc.


Enjoy the highest-quality streaming there is with the premium subscription, which is also an ad-free version and gives you all the features except an offline mode.

The ad-free version means that you are capable of streaming your favorite songs without being interrupted by ads.

Offline Mode

As for the offline mode, it merely implies that you cannot stream or search for any song without an internet connection, which, technically, is pretty evident for any streaming application. However, it provides listeners with a fantastic offline listening feature that allows you to save up to more than 3000 songs. This doesn’t apply to your smartphone alone, but also on two more devices. This makes it a total of 3 different devices each with more than 3000 songs downloaded and saved offline including full albums or even playlists. The catch lies in how you are required to get online once every 30 days to keep your offline records valid failure to which they will be deleted.

High-Quality music

With streaming speeds of up to 320kbps, which technically is the best you may come across, you can access radio stations and podcasts from around the world without any buffering problems.

Spotify Connect

Last but not least, the Spotify Connect which allows users to control streaming across multiple devices using just one gadget. Control what’s playing on your pc or desktop using your smartphone and also pair up with specialized and dedicated hardware compatible with the app, such as the PS4 or modern speakers.

The typical price tag on the premium account for Spotify is 10$, which only lasts for a period of one month.

Decide Spotify Premium Worthy or not?

Now on to the good stuff, deciding whether or not Spotify Premium is worthy of buying come 2020. Well, if you’re a frequent user of the app, and can’t live without it, then it may probably be a good investment for you. For a price of 10$, which is comparable to the price of a digital album, you can get high-quality music with an ad-free environment the ability to save thousands of songs including full playlists as long as you have an internet connection.

With a family plan, however, you get the deal of a lifetime with as low as 5 – 8 $ per month. Instead of spending a whole 10$ on one album, use the same amount to subscribe for the premium account and get every album at your disposal. So yes, it might be worth your money and time if you’re a big spender and are too enclosed to try out other better alternatives.

My point of view

However, if you want to save your money for some epic headphones or a pair of expensive airpods, then there’s no need to continue with the Spotify Premium into 2020. Yes, the premium account may be ad-free and offers loads of exciting features but other streaming applications and Spotify Premium Mod version give you this and much more for free.

If it’s the radio you’re looking for, there are many third-party applications for the 21st century designed to put you on air with the latest songs and podcasts available. If its an interest in the music itself, YouTube offers free streaming for both the videos and audios with an option of download feature for song songs while others require a download manager. Or you can opt to get yourself an app that does it all for you, which by the way, are quite many.

With the decade coming at an end, you should realize that you no longer need to pay for entertaining yourself anymore as the best things in life, concerning entertainment, can now come to you for free. Save that money and watch a movie, or consider another third-party app for that as well and save up for something that you won’t get using the internet for free.

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