Ranch, Daughter, Temple and Removal of Article-370 in Kashmir

Read my analogy to understand the reality of the History of Kashmir!

Imagine, you live in a lovely hill facing ranch. You have built this ranch years ago, and it has the most illustrious view in the entire locality. You live with your loving joint family. You have scenic gardens with tonnes of flowers and an apple farm. You have cows, sheep and other animals living with you at your ranch. You own the ranch, and you built it with your own hands.

Since you and your entire family are religious, you have also added a place to worship at your property.

One day, two guys, whom you have never seen before, visits your temple. Since a temple is a place for religious activity, and you can not deny anyone to worship, you allow these two guys inside your main gate. They seem shady but you let them visit your property. They stay around the temple for a few minutes and leave.

Next week, two more guys join them and this goes on for some time.

After a few months, someone steals God’s idol from your mandir. You try to figure out how it happened, but you fail. You move on and replace the idol.

The very next week, your garden is on fire. You extinguish the fire wondering who might have done it.

The two guys who had visited your temple months ago are now bringing a clan of 50 people. They just sit outside the temple for a few minutes and leave. Some of your family members grow skeptical about them, but you deny their role in either stealing the idol or burning your garden because you feel that they’re just visitors worshiping at the temple. You believe in Atithi Devo Bhava- The guest is equivalent to God!

Months again pass by, and a disaster was waiting to happen.

One morning, while you were out for a morning walk, your cows go missing from your farm. You turn paranoid, and call elders in your family for help!

You, with a few elders from your family, go out to try and find your animals. Your voyage goes in vain as you fail to figure out what exactly happened with them. However, you find some bloodstains on the path. Your animals are nowhere to be seen. You feel wolves might have hunted and taken your cows away.

You call the police for help, but they reject your complaint stating it is too small of an issue and they’re not interested in helping you.

You start growing depressed and you develop health problems.

A week later, you visit a doctor in another city for a regular checkup. You spend two days at the doctor who suggests an immediate open-heart surgery. Immediately after your surgery, you see over thirty-five missed calls from your family. You instantly call them back to hear another disaster. Your daughter is gone.

Your daughter had gone out to buy vegetables, but she never came back.

You rush back to your ranch and go straight to the police to register a complaint. They don’t register an FIR stating it might be her decision to flee from your home. Police give a narrative about a possible love angle.

You try to visit a local political leader. He tells you to stop looking for her, as she would never come back. She’s no more your daughter. Your heart couldn’t take it anymore. You walk back, holding your chest with tears rolling from your eyes.

When you reach back to your ranch an hour later, you discover your entire property burning with screams coming from within. Those 50 guys who visit your property every week are blazing your entire ranch down. Your temple is in ashes. Your family is burning alive. You see your daughter’s eyes standing with those fifty guys. She’s wearing a burkha with blood stains right above her eyes.

You grow numb, eyes fading to darkness and heart-stopping with every second.

You fade to black.

This is what happened with Kashmir for over 700 years.

The invaders smoked the valley down, demolished the temples and homes of Kashmiri Hindus. Intruders took away their daughters and mass murder was soon followed by conversions, rapes, and mutilation. Kashmir was forever the land of Kashyaps and Kashmiri pandits! The attackers forcefully took it away. The remaining Kashmiri pandits had to take refuge in their own country. Life has been the hardest for Pandits ever since. Homes burnt, daughters converted, temples demolished

Finally, we have a government that is listening to people.

I’m glad BJP removed article 370. I’m glad the current central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is undoing historic wrong by resettling Kashmiri Pandits, the original inhabitants of Kashmir, back in the valley. This government has saved the future of our nation. What happened in Kashmir, happened in Sindh years ago. Sindh was a Hindu land that was invaded, destroyed, forcefully converted and now, the remaining population of Hindus has nowhere to go. What happened in Kashmir could happen in your locality.

  • The secularism today demanded by Liberals is flawed.
  • Not all guests are equivalent to God and so NRC is important!
  • Save your ranch.
  • Save your family.

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