Patta Chitta – How to Apply for Patta Chitta Online?


Patta Chitta – How to Apply for Patta Chitta Online?

Tamilnadu – Patta Chitta Details

Patta and Chitta comprise the Tamil Nadu government’s land revenue data. In all property transactions related to Tamil Nadu like transfers of properties, property pledges, legal opinion, etc., Patta and Chitta documents have an important role. In this article, we discuss Patta Chitta in detail.

Know more about Patta:

Patta is a legal document issued on behalf of the property’s actual owner by the Tamil Nadu Government. Let’s see what Patta includes:

  • District/Taluk/Village name
  • Patta Number
  • Owner Name
  • Survey number
  • Subdivision
  • Wetland/Dryland (In Tamil it is referred to Nanjai Nilam and Punjai Nilam)
  • Land Area
  • Tax details

When buying a property, verifying the Patta records ensures that the rightful owner has purchased the property according to the government record.

In What Types of Properties People need Patta?

In the case of vacant plots of land, Patta is compulsory. This is the primary document in which ownership is legally created. Patta is the most important document for establishing legal ownership even for properties with structures and buildings. This incorporates other important details such as the extent of possessions and measurements of the land.

Patta is primarily a document needed for land rather than buildings. The Patta can, however, have particulars regarding buildings. If it is an apartment, the land is usually held in undivided shares and Patta does not claim it for undivided shares. However, the Patta may be obtained in the names of the co-owners if necessary.

What Exactly Chitta Means?

The Village Administrative Officer (VAO) and Taluk office keep land revenue documents. The relevant details on ownership, region, size and so on are provided in Chitta. This defines the land especially in nanjai (wetland) and punjai (dry land).

The Tamil Nadu Government has not released a Chitta as of 2015. The Patta and Chitta were combined into a single document with all the relevant details in specified in the Patta.

Steps to Apply Patta Chitta Online:

The Tamil Nadu government has now made the online filing process of Patta Chitta after the Patta and Chitta have been integrated into one. The Tamil Nadu government computerized and reviewed Patta Chitta records online. Patta Chitta can be obtained online or by contacting the Taluka office concerned. The procedure to get Patta Chitta online is as follows.

Step 1: Visit the Patta Chitta Website

Log in to the website of Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta. The webpage is available in two languages – English & Tamil.

Step 2: Select Patta & FMB/Chitta/TSLR Extract

Choose the Patta & FMB/Chitta/TSLR Extract and also select the district where the property is located.

Step 3: Property Details

Enter property details for which Patta Chitta is required in the following fields of Taluk, Village, Ward, Block, Survey Number, and Sub Division Number.

Step 4: Issue of Patta Chitta

The Town Survey Land Register will issue a Certificate including property construction, municipal door number, area, and land type, etc. Even citizens can check the validity of the issued certificate online here.

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