No Matter What you Do: Manners are Important

There is a solution to all our problems. Manners! Of course, this is a simplistic solution but nevertheless a first step, from where all others may branch out.

“The dictionary define “manners” as ways of behaving with reference to polite standards; social comportment.” In other words, it is the way we deal with people. That is why manners are so important. Because we do not live alone. We are gregarious and that means it is part of our human nature to live with others. We are pack animals.

As pack animals we must have a set of behavior that prompts us to co-exist harmoniously with all our pack companions, including the ones outside of our species. Harmony is the keyword to a life free from strife. As consequence, we can live a happier and more fulfilling life.

You can compare it to the rules of the road: if you don’t follow them, you may get in deep trouble and may cause harm not only to yourself but others as well. If, on the other hand you do, everyone riding with you will enjoy the trip. You can make their and, consequently, your trip much more pleasant and safer. You give the right of way, you signal to warn what your next move is going to be, you pay constant attention to what others are doing. You are aware of everyone around you and in this choreography, where each driver is moving in a certain way, you know that you are safe and that you will get to your destination in perfect ways.

You can extrapolate this illustration to your life in general. If you think about conventional rules of politeness, you will realize that indeed, we could be better off if all of us remembered and acted upon them. Manners are expressed through courtesy, respect, consideration, reverence, thoughtfulness, kindness, compassion, civility, and so on.

When you use manners, just like driving, you are constantly fully aware of others. You respect their moves, you signal to tell them what yours is going to be, you wait for your turn, you give the right of way. You warn them that their door is ajar, that their tire is low, that their headlight is not working, and so on.

Imagine a world where people would think about and respect others before acting. Is it possible? Totally. Is it easy? Not necessarily, but if you do your part it is a beginning. All you need to do is to start and to remember that other people are as important as you and that their rights and wishes are the same as yours. And always ask yourself: How would I like this to be? Think what can possibly give you pleasure and joy and happiness. Do that to others.

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