Most Indian firms not prepared for hacking risks: Report


(IANS) As hackers evolve new mechanisms to infiltrate into systems, 61 percent of Indian enterprises say the risk of cyberattacks is stalling their digitalization progress, a new report said on Wednesday.

Moreover, 52 percent of Indian organizations think that cybersecurity is the responsibility of their cloud service provider, said a study by leading cybersecurity firm Forcepoint prepared along with Frost & Sullivan.

The study revealed that 95 percent of organizations have embarked on a digital transformation journey in India.

However, for those that have begun executing their digital transformation projects, 46 percent of them have encountered a security incident and 20 percent didn’t conduct breach assessment regularly in the last 12 months.

In fact, only 18 percent of respondents thought about cybersecurity at the early stages of the digital transformation projects while 70 percent of organizations think about cybersecurity only at the latter stages of the projects.

“It’s clear that many APAC organizations are on the backfoot when it comes to enterprise cybersecurity in the borderless organization,” said Kenny Yeo, Industry Principal, APAC ICT, Frost & Sullivan.

The study found that 69 percent of Indian organizations are at risk with 44 percent of them having encountered data breach before and 25 percent of them not performing any breach assessment in the last 12 months.

Among the biggest group of respondents, BFSI and IT services and BPO emerged as the top sectors to perform regular breach assessment to ensure there was no security incident in the company.

“Adopting a behavior-centric security approach that focuses on understanding users” behaviour on the network and within applications to identify behavioural anomalies can mitigate cyberattacks before they happen,” said Alvin Rodrigues, senior director and security strategist at Forcepoint Asia Pacific.

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