Meet Aditya Belnekar, the Cyber Mogul of India

Aditya Belnekar who is also known as the Cyber Mogul is the founder of “TEAMWIZARDMEDIA” which is a leading influencing marketing agency in India.With a tremendous amount of hustle for about 5 years he managed to gain a great amount of followers on social media platforms like twitter,Instagram and Facebook.

He has worked for various celebrities, public figures, different brands and politicians.The main goal of Aditya is to influence the people through promoting impactful social messages. He also promoted movies and brands with the help of his connection across thousands of audiences.

His immense knowledge over online marketing helps small brands as well as big companies get proper exposure which is required for its growth.The hunger he has to learn something new is the reason of his success. The never giving up quality of him is something one must take an inspiration from.

Though his journey wasn’t a cakewalk but he managed to overcome all the obstacles and become what he is today and even after reaching to the height of success his calm and collected nature is something worth learning for.

His hard-work and dedication are the factors which is going to help him to succeed in his field and conquer his dreams and his good heart and pure intentions will be the main reason of him becoming a good person.His creativity, knowledge and dedication towards his work broke all the boundaries and his passion towards his work is enough to prove that he is here to stay.

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