Long-term views of India telecom market remain positive: Study

(IANS) The macro and long-term views of the telecom market comprising infrastructure, equipment, and user devices continues to remain positive despite the short-term disruption that the industry has witnessed, said a study on Tuesday.

As per the revenue data aggregated for the latest full fiscal period of 2018-19, the total telecom market in India has posted an annual growth of six percent, with user devices (handsets, tablets and data cards) clocking a strong growth of 26 percent, showed the preliminary findings of the ongoing study released by telecom specialty journal Voice&Data.

The carrier infrastructure and carrier managed services segment registered a growth of 5 percent on the back of large-scale network buildouts, according to the research conducted by market research firms CyberMedia Research (CMR) and B&M Nxt.

The enterprise communications market saw 6 percent growth, spurred by the need for communication requirements of a digital era.

“Much of the growth in the carrier infrastructure and enterprise equipment segments has been driven by the need for network transformation from legacy voice-centric networks to data-oriented networks. This has better-prepared telcos to tap into the next generation opportunities of a digital services era,” Thomas George, President, CMR, said in a statement.

The only segment to post a negative revenue growth was predictably the telecom services segment, which has been adjusting to new competitive dynamics.

However, early signs of regrowth are already visible for the segment, which saw a degrowth of 8 percent. The sub-segment of broadcast services clocked a positive growth of 8 percent, said the study.

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