How to Dress Korean Style

Have you ever thought about dressing like a famous Korean artist you saw on the television but do not know how to? Well, continue reading and you will find out how to dress-up Korean style without spending even one cent.

Take note that the basic materials needed in Korean fashion are just the same as other cultures would normally wear. The major key to looking Korean is the layering of clothes and the craft of mixing different colors. Red top, black pants, red shoes, black bag – it’s just too plain and boring. Sometimes, wearing too matching clothes looks strange, so always try to be creative. Below are some tips that can guide you in creating a perfect K-pop look.

First, open your closet and find a potential bottom you can use – casual shorts, pants, skirt, leggings, you name it. A pair of jeans is advisable because it can be matched with almost anything. However, only choose one that you are comfortable wearing. Remember, if you sacrifice comfort for fashion, it will not work and may even lead to disaster.

Second, select the top. Picking the right top depends on what kind of bottom wear you will be dressed in. If you chose tight pants, wear something a bit loose and long, and vice-versa. If you are thinking of wearing plain pants, pick a top that has prints and designs. Dark-colored pants must be paired with light-colored tops.

Third, put on the right shoes. You can actually wear any pair of shoes. If you will be clothed with short shorts, skirt, tight jeans or leggings, you have the most options – slippers, high-cut sneakers, low-cut sneakers, boots, doll shoes, sandals, almost anything. If a pair of pants with loose-end is your choice, high-cuts are not really advisable. Limit the length of your footwear up to your ankles.

Fourth and last, accessorize! Accessories accentuate your overall outfit. K-pop look is achieved by bringing spice to your outfit like wearing long necklace, bangles, glasses, big bag, coat, blazer, or scarf that are bold in color. Don’t wear too much all at once though! You wouldn’t want to look like a Christmas tree with decorations, would you?

Now, that you know the basics in K-pop style, you can now dress-up in your own K-pop outfit. Bring to mind that the secret to a successful fashion does not lie on the outfit itself, but on the person dressed with it. Just be confident with what you are wearing and let the world know that you can pull of a perfect K-pop style!

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