Flowers of Hungary- A Collection Worth Reading


Hungary, or the Republic of Hungary, is a country located in central Europe. A great part of the country is covered by forests and green fields. It has a continental climate with cool winters and moderate summers. One can find various species of flowering plants in the country due to the favorable environment. Moreover, the government of Hungary is working hard to protect the flora and fauna of the country. Thus, ten national parks full of unique flower species have been established in Hungary by the government. Some of the indigenous flowers of Hungary are stated below.


The tulip is the national flower of this country. The red tulip is especially popular in Hungary and is a part of Hungarian folklore. Tulip motifs can be found in Hungarian handicrafts. The flower is also associated with gifts of love. One can also find the flower in flower decorations and home gardens in Hungary.


It is native to Hungary and can be found in mountain woodlands. Although it is a wild plant, it is now grown in gardens as well. The flower is quite large and beautiful. The color of the flower can be red, pink, reddish-purple and white. It is used across the world as a remedy for various ailments.

Hungarian Lilac

Hungarian lilac is native to Hungary as well as some other countries in Eastern and Central Europe including Romania and Ukraine. The height of the lilac shrub can range from 2 meters to 4 meters. The flower is quite fragrant and is dark pink in color.

Hungarian Blue Poppy

Mesmerising Flower covered in blue! The flower is grown for decorative purposes and is used for baking also. It is also commonly used in crafts and dried flower arrangements.

Hungarian Daisy

Hungarian daisy can be found in floodplains along the Tisza River. It is a perennial plant and the flower is white in color. The flower is also large and lovely. It is very easy to grow as it needs little attention. The blooming period of this flower is from late summer to mid fall.

Hungarian Crocus

This flower can be seen on the reverse side of the two-forint coin. It was discovered in 1867 by Viktor Janka. It blooms early in spring when the grounds are covered with snow. The flower is small and lilac in color. This is a protected flower in Hungary.

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