Exploring Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul

A visit to Turkey isn’t complete without a stop in Istanbul, and a stop in Istanbul isn’t complete without a trip to the Egyptian bazaar. At the Egyptian bazaar, also known as the spice bazaar, you will find one of the most diverse collections of merchants in Turkey selling everything from dried fruits, nuts, snacks, and of course, spices. Other exotic items can also be found here as well, but the vast majority of merchandise is edible. And really, who has a problem with a marketplace full of edible goodies?

When you first get to the bazaar, you’ll probably notice two things immediately: the throngs of people browsing and buying, and the smell of spices and other food. Since this is the biggest public market in Istanbul, of course you’re going to see lots of people, both locals and tourists, walking up and down the marketplace in search of the best deals. And since the spices and other foods are on full display, the rich and exotic aromas permeate the air. At the Egyptian market, you truly are transported to another realm where food and drink reign.

As you stroll along the marketplace, the sights, sounds, and smells around you will intoxicate you, giving you a true Istanbul experience. For a Westerner, this is an exceptional experience, since chances are that you obtain most of your edibles at a chain grocery store where there is little person-to-person interaction. At the Egyptian market, personal interaction is a must, and you are immersed in the shopping experience. But even if you don’t make a purchase, the Egyptian bazaar is worth a visit. Just looking at the rows upon rows of colorful spices, hearing the haggling between vendors and buyers, and the delicious tastes of the many delectable snacks will make your trip to the market well worth the visit.

When visiting Istanbul, there are lots of things you can see and do in this great city. Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sofia, and the Blue Mosque are all must-sees, but you definitely don’t want to forget to stop by the exciting Egyptian bazaar, where you can see sights like no other. This marketplace is definitely not your run-of-the-mill grocery store, and it is well worth a visit whether you decide to buy anything or not. To get the true Istanbul experience, you will definitely want to stop by the bazaar, meet some of the vendors and taste some of the local flavor.

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