Definition of “Being Pretty”

In this world , where nature has given a whole lot of spectrum of visible light to us, somewhere humans have limited themselves between black and white. The definition of prettiness lies between these two colours, although , there is a shade card in between that is in itself a spectrum of colours varying between these two extremes but for the very normal society of ours the colour is either black or white.

This very distinction also has gender specifications, at least, in some places ,where in a girl ,for “being pretty”, should be fair in complexion with a lean or to be said precisely should come under” 36×24×36″ category while a man could be dark but yes has to be tall and should carry with himself a six or eight pack abs title.Hearing this, many a times, I feel that this very developing and civilised society labelled humans with dimensions for them to be “just perfect”. Also if these dimensions shrink a bit , my god , the leaned ones bring themselves a name and that is, matchstick. It’s like living things are adopting the characteristics of non living ones, just like furniture , perfect weight and height , otherwise it won’t fit in or rather could be said won’t look pretty.

This does not only ends here, if the dimensions are accurate then the discussion moves onto those precise specifications. This category is even more diverse than our biological diversity where in every feature of the human body is studied thoroughly. Seems like aunties and uncles of today have got pre installed x- ray machines deep within their lousy eyes to help them examine this so called diversity. This categorization divides humans on particular terms like small eyes, thin lips, curvy body, manly hands,and etc.Now whenever I see evolution chart, certainly it comes to my mind as having small eyes or big nose , where do they fit in this process or just like society feels ,they are mutations happening around. Wonderful,isn’t it!

Now in my case I have been a chubby baby all my life but strangely the adjectives associated with my chubbiness changed while I was growing up. Those chubby cheeks and little tummy were adorable when I was a 4 year old baby but as soon as I grew up the same were being compared to none other than a cushiony mattress. Even these relationships of today first begin with looks and gradually that transitory emotion fades away sooner or later as this worldly prettiness may soothe your eyes but it might not appeal to your inner being well enough.

Sometimes I really wonder ,who gave these criteria or specific measures for a standardized definition of prettiness. This term comes with enormous moronic reasoning and so it gives birth to complexes ,both inferior and superior.When a person’s confidence flourishes under either complex, it’s tinted with feelings of anxiety, insecurity and self doubt, thereby, robbing someone of their true self that’s pure and beautiful.

Sometimes I wonder what if instead of being humans we would have been creatures like that in film ‘Avatar’, those blue skinned tiny people or like the ones we have seen in ‘ Avengers ‘ where people from different planets fight against one ‘Thanos’ amongst which some are green,some with antennas, some red, some giant, some small, etc.,then what would have been our measures for ‘pretty looking creatures’. I guess then the definition of aparthied that was fought long back would have been changed and the norms associated would have persisted on an inter planetary level. Parents then would have been worried about their kids being in an ‘inter coloured’ relationship as you never know you might have found someone green as beautiful because that’s your favourite colour just like blue is mine.

This entire universe talks about beauty irrespective of the colours, sizes and features, then why are we limiting ourselves to these stupid norms. Why our brains are tinted with these societal coloured specifications and why can’t we hear and see what our universe is making us see and learn. Where has this quote, “the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” has lost its meaning? Why, just why? Try thinking it this way and we all might understand what are we missing when we do not perceive what our universe actually wants us to.

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