Can you draw with OSU tablet?

Are you an OSU fanatic? You are not alone on that train. If you are like us, you already know that OSU requires drawing. And to get it done professionally, you need an OSU tablet. Well, the first question before you get money out of your pocket would be: can you draw with an OSU tablet?

Our simple answer is yes. How well you can draw is dependent on your skills. In this post, we will share with you the guide to drawing with OSU tablet. We will also share the tips to make each drawing a masterpiece. If that sound like things you would like to know, keep reading to the last full-stop.

Essentials for drawing with OSU tablet

Top in the list you need a computer that can run Gimp without giving you any problems. You will also need either Gimp v2.6 or v2.8 depending on what is compatible with your tablet. Finally, you will require OSU tablet.

Some of the other requirements will include;

  • Creativity
  • Moving your hands with skills
  • Gimp proficiency, but it is not a must to be at pro level

The ultimate guide to drawing with OSU tablet

You should start by learning how to hold the stylus. It is nothing complicated because you do it just like a typical pen on paper. The next thing is moving your hands skillfully. One useful trick here is to never look at your hand. Your eyes should focus on the screen. As you do all these, your posture is very crucial. You need to be right in the front of the tablet and screen. One rule of the thumb is to not use the mouse. The tab has everything you need to do anything.

When it is time to draw, you should start by doodling and sketching. Pros may decide to skip this part, but it is always advisable to test your steadiness before drawing anything. But if you are comfortable, get on to the main thing. Doodling makes sure that you can draw smoothly and straight. Sketching tests whether you can control the pressure and create what you want. Finally, writing confirms that you can position your objects where you want them on the working area.

When you get the basics right, nothing should stop you. Remember to keep the right posture. The pressure of your pen will also affect the outcome of your work. Likewise, friction and the angle of your stroking will also play an important role to what you end up drawing. It takes time to perfect your craft and practice will get you there.

Tips for improving your drawing skills with OSU tablet

Now that you have decided to buy an OSU tablet, it is time you know how to use it to draw like a pro. Here are tips that can help you scale up your skills and be great at your craft;

  • Synchronize your hand and screen movements: you should adjust the size ratio of the screen and the drawing tablet. When they are matched, you will feel comfortable doing your thing.
  • Position yourself properly: If you are wrongly positioned, you will have angle mismatch. You will not get anything done with that kind of discomfort. The trick here is to sit directly facing the monitor and tablet.
  • Dealing with a slippery active working area. It is common for the tablet surface to feel slippery as compared to ordinary pen and paper. You will find it a little difficult trying to draw anything under such circumstances. To get out of this mess, you will need to fix the slipping problem. It is easy to get it done. You should buy overlay sheets that will work towards increasing friction. If this does not work as you expected, it is time you replace the pen’s nib.

One permanent solution to this problem is customizing your working tools. Work on your tablet and pen so that it feels like working with an ordinary pen and paper.

  • Adjusting the pen’s pressure: the level of the pen’s pressure plays a critical role in your artwork. If you have the pressure lower or higher than the optimum level, then you will not be comfortable working on the tablet. It feels more like you are forcing whatever you are trying to draw.
  • Keep a stock of tablet spares: it is embarrassing to run out of anything in the middle of a drawing. You will have to leave the work and go look for it. When you come back, your original idea will be gone and you will have to begin from scratch.


Drawing with the OSU tablet is all about grasping the concept and letting your creativity flow. We hope we helped you realize how to get things done and bring out your masterpieces on a digital space. After reading this, your skills can only get better.

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