Average US Professional Wrestling Attendances morning in 2019 (WWE, AEW, ROH, etc.)


The Wrestling Obsever Newsletter reports that the yearly attendance averages for some of the biggest professional wrestling companies inside the United States are as follows:

* AEW: 6,200 (5,701 paid)
* WWE: 4,600 to 4,700
* NJPW: 2,648 (in the US)
* MLW: 1,457
* ROH: 1,082

It should be noted that All Elite Wrestling’s numbers are due to the company running fewer events. According to the report, just averaging out Raw would result in a higher attendance than AEW.

Also, NJPW’s numbers in the US are inflated by the ROH/NJPW Madison Square Garden show. With that said, NJPW and ROH’s average numbers fall to 1,500 and 700 respectively.

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