A Light of Hope among youth- Dr. Naren Goyal

Career, path, goal, success and life; all those topics always become a bunch of confusion between today’s youngsters, but a trainer from city of lakes-Udaipur got all the answers what youngsters desire for. Dr. Naren Goyal- A well known face of Udaipur in the field of Motivation, edutainment, soft n life skills training and career counseling. He spends a lot of time with youngsters’ everyday to give solutions about their career, motivation for positive life and to solve their personal life problems.

Parents play a vital role in a young boy/girl’s life as a mentor and guide in their immature time period, but it’s a fact that most of the youngsters live alone today in different areas without them. So in that case, they need a guide, mentor and motivator who become a strong hand to give them right path and Dr. Goyal is becoming the one.As he got a bunch of experience regarding life of youngster, so he knows very well, the mindset and the motivation needs of today’s young guns.

His career counseling and skills development sessions are always entertaining which attract youngsters to make a good concentration towards learning. While asked, “What youngsters want?” “They want to share memes” he replied and laughed. “But onto a serious note, young guns actually want to live their lives in their own way. They just need their desirable growth and a good source to earn.

“The whole world is different in his perception. He like all the good things of every religion and in his perception, every kid is a champion in his/her own way and talent because each and everyone are far different from each other.Dr. Goyal deny the fact that today youngsters only need money and money is god for them. He said, “The actual reality is, they need care, lots of love and support from parents, siblings and partner, good food and a bright career in their own choice of field.”Dr. Goyal took more than 1000 sessions of training in his 11 years of career in various Colleges, Schools and Institutions and currently he is working with Hindustan Zinc as a Skills trainer and also associated with DigiHakk as a guide and mentor. Along with all that, he is motivating youngsters each and every day and becoming a light of hope in the darkness.

Dr. Naren Goyal: goyal.naren@gmail.com    Instagram: goyal_naren

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