A Guide To The Healing Power Of Crystals and Gemstones


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

Everything that exists on earth is comprised of energy, fromhumans, plants animals, rocks, to gems and crystals.

The use of crystals and gemstones has been used for thousands of years for their mysterious healing properties, and their ability to help balance the mind, body and spirit.

They have been revered for their beauty, elegance and powersince ancient times and in every corner of the world. 

Some are believed to be used as a protection against harm and others as a way of overcoming negative influences.

There are many uses for each variety of crystal and gemstone.

Although scientific evidence is sparse, there is no denying that this ancient healing method has stood its ground in these modern times.

Even to this day they are used in jewellery, amulets,talismans, holy places and within the structure of buildings, as it is believed they have a powerful ability to release physical, mental and spiritual blockages by emitting a frequency and vibration according to their own individual energy field.

Every stone is totally unique in their molecular structure and is able to interact with our energetic vibration which in turn touches our physical, subtle and emotional bodies.

As we come into contact with the power of crystals, we begin to naturally become receptive to the alignment and joining of our energetic frequency to theirs.

This is when healing can occur, when crystals and gemstonesare placed directly onto our body, the energy that is emitted from them, facilitates healing and transformation. 

Although they can be used in the space around us also, as well as many other methods, to gain the full benefits that they radiate.

We can powerfully use them as a tool to help connect our unconscious and conscious with our body.

Each one can be programmed with a specific  intention, and each one can be used for a particular transformation in a certain area of our life.

By learning and understanding the meaning of each crystal and their own specific property, we can fully harness the full potential of their healing energy. 

In striving to reach our highest potential, we can use them as a guide, and with so many to choose from, we can access the best one that is needed at each moment in our life, by letting our intuition lead us to the crystals and gems that will bring us the greatest help at that time.

Some people have likened them as familiar friends that bring an asset in our life and as we begin to get to know how crystals of different origins, colours and frequencies can bring us a more calmer and peaceful presence to our life, we begin to respect their attributes.

Their inspiring and uplifting energy can help you along the road of self development and to overcome challenges in yourcareer, love life, as well as developing your personal growth.

Whether you choose to wear them, use them for healing, or mediation, or simply have them in your home for decorative purposes, their affects are beautiful and long lasting.

As we let our intuition guide us, we will begin to feel the energy of certain crystal and gems calling us, and in trusting the process and flow we can begin by keeping an open mind, as researchers have found that a person’s mind plays a huge role in the healing process, and thus allowing us to find exactly the right stone that can aid and enhance our self care.

To help you get started on your journey of discovery here are a few of the most popular crystals.

Rose Quartz

Encourages love, respect and self worth.

It helps to restore trust and harmony in relationships.

Relieves stress and anxiety.


Aids in resting the mind and calming emotional trauma.

Can be used to ease tensions and protects against the negative energy  around us.

Lapis Lazuli

This stone is used to gain deep wisdom and enhancing intuition.

It supports the immune system and is known as an ancient remedy for headaches.

Clear Quartz

Helps to bring peace and balance on all levels.

Known as the master healer and it is  to amplify energy.

Reduces stress and stimulates brain and immune system.

Tiger Eye

Creates awareness and enhances confidence.

Helps with courage, strength and clarity.

Dispels fear and promotes mental clarity.


Creativity and imagination are said to improve with this crystal.

It acts as a protective shield as well as encouraging optimism.

Known as a cleanser and can help with the removal of toxins.


This crystal is used to ground and balance and bring you back to the centre of yourself.

It helps with mental clarity by getting rid of negative thoughts. 

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