60% Indian organisations to have data on Cloud by 2030: IBM


(IANS) Almost 60 percent of the Indian organisations plan to have all their data on Cloud in the next ten years, of which 99 percent will use multiple hybrid Cloud within the next three years, says an IBM survey on Tuesday.

Hybrid Cloud is all set to emerge as the cutting-edge cloud technology for the next-generation business worldwide, the research, titled ”Next-generation hybrid cloud powers next-generation business”, revealed.

”We foresee Indian organisations to witness extensive adoption of Cloud technologies in the next few years, with a majority of them using hybrid Cloud within three years itself,” said Vikas Arora, Vice President, Cloud & Cognitive Software & Services, IBM India/South Asia.

”If the next phase of cloud benefits is to be realized, a Hybrid cloud strategy is needed,” Arora said.

Hybrid cloud permits public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises IT to interoperate seamlessly across all three standardized technology interfaces: Linux, Open Container Initiative, and Kubernetes.

These enable businesses to innovate with scale and agility, improving responsiveness and constraining cost, despite growing complexity.

The research showed that almost 50 percent of the respondents surveyed believe that more than 80 percent of the organizations will adopt a ”Cloud-first” strategy and more than 80 percent of new apps will be built in the Cloud.

India is the second-fastest growing cloud services market in the Asia Pacific region. The public cloud services market in India is soon expected to reach $4.1 billion.

The IBM study also revealed that despite the growth of Cloud over the past decade, for most organizations, only 20 percent of workloads have made their way to the public Cloud – and these are not yet companies” core mission-critical workloads.

The 80 percent that remains is where real enterprise value lies.

Hence, next in Cloud’s story, businesses need to unlock the door to a new layer of benefits, especially those relating to the ”cloudification” of mission-critical applications.

New levels of data portability and interoperability offered by the hybrid cloud will help companies realize the virtue of ”write once, run anywhere”, said the study.

The study is based on responses from top executives in 85 organizations in India — from small to large enterprises.

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