5 Best VPS Server Hosting Provider of 2020 in India

This type of web hosting is a combination of two types of hosting first is shared hosting and the other one is dedicated hosting. The VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which supposed to bring that almost all the advanced points that are enjoyed through a dedicated server can have at a price point much lower, related to a shared server. Users who pick VPS Server Hosting packages are graced with the computing energy necessary to run the intricate or developing a web enterprise. The digital private server connects shared Web website hosting choices and dedicated Server hosting services through filling the gaps among them. Because the digital dedicated server may have their non-public replica of the working machine, VPS offers clients with top notch-consumer privileges in the working device.

Best VPS Server hosting provider in India

Here is the list of top 5 VPS Server hosting provider in India:


MilesWeb is leading web hosting company from India, established in 2012. It is a renowned company in the web hosting industry. MilesWeb provides you top rated web hosting services includes VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, AWS Cloud, WordPress Hosting, DigitalOcean Cloud, Magento Hosting, Dedicated Server, Business Hosting, Domain, Windows Hosting, SSL Certificates. Their Unlimited Hosting comes with a Free Domain, SSL and CDN. You can also get 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee where you have the flexibility to cancel the plan within 30 days. Also, their Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers enable them to provide you the best uptime.


Established way lower back in 2002, HostGator is one of the most famous web hosting provider today. Get this as your web host will permit you to create a professional-looking site, functional, and stunning and it is simple too. They’re one of the few internet hosting companies that supply cheaper plans with limitless space and bandwidth, just to identify some. two Most importantly, they have a server in India in fact, you can get the most inexpensive plan at just Rs. 99 / month.


GreenGeeks was founded in 2008 and made it into the list of web hosting for many of the best reasons (as you’ll soon see). They have many options such as shared hosting, reseller, WordPress, and VPS. And with their powerful data centers in the world, their customers around the world benefit from their services.


You may be familiar with Dreamhost like it had been there since 1996. This hosting company is hosting 1.5 million sites and these numbers of sites are increasing day by day. One of the most popular is shared hosting and you can subscribe to a plan and pay a monthly, yearly or triennially.


This company was established in 2004 at the Siteground now this company is hosting more than 1 million sites all over the world. They consist of shared web hosting alternatives, WordPress, committed servers, and cloud.  The powerful server they are in the world allows it to cater to the needs of its users. But of course, it can be the other host Content Management Systems (CMS) as well.

How this type of web hosting will work for your site?

VPS web hosting service providers you get a single piece of hardware, server, and nearly partition off into various individual web hosting spaces all have their own operating environment. Think of it as an apartment building, where each unit is totally self-sufficient in the building alongside with all the equal requirements as a freestanding house. Each room is truly adjusted, subject to the needs and tastes of each occupant, and every unit has its very own unique utilities that share the equal source.

VPS web hosting applications offer some of the benefits over the not unusual website hosting another option. For comparison, VPS website hosting is extra reliable, flexible, and scalable than shared hosting.  While VPS website hosting does fee greater, the rate hikes are overlooked for all but the smallest corporations. Compared to dedicated hosting, VPS offers almost all the same benefits in terms of customizability, scalability, and security that normally encourages businesses to opt for a dedicated server. Here are the features of VPS Server hosting mention below:

1. Reliability

In the context of hosting, reliability comes down to the level of confidence with which you can expect your website to run smoothly without downtime. In the case of a shared hosting plan, where the use of bandwidth shared openly between each website is housed on a server, there is a risk of your site is experiencing downtime due to what is known as a bad neighbor effect. This occurs when one of the neighbors in the server experiences very high traffic to their sites, which puts a high demand for resources on the server.

When this sort of hoarding occurs, the resource becomes unavailable to other websites, causing them to slow down or become inaccessible altogether. VPS Server hosting insulates the website from their neighbors with almost partitioning them from each other and allocate resources for their sole use. As a comparison, it makes VPS host a web site that is very reliable, because there is no competition for bandwidth usage results in minimized downtime.

2. Flexibility

In a shared hosting environment, any adjustments to the operating device or coding May additionally it can have direct effects on other websites hosted on a web server. VPS server hosting offerings let you customize your environment to the particular desires of your project without the risk of affecting your neighbors or steal the resources of the server.

3. Scalability

Another benefit of having both a virtual space dedicated and assigned resource set is a simple matter to scale. As your business grows, so will things like net traffic and the wide variety of people you employ.  VPS Server hosting allows the liberty to feature bandwidth, garage, and email money owed and extra to ensure that your host can scale with you.

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