3 Tips To Enjoy Camping

Whether you are a pro who has been camping for years or a newbie waiting anxiously for your first trip in the wild, you need a good survival guide.
If you know the right camping survival tips, you can make your camping trip great. If not, camping outside your comfort zone, can be a major pain.

The number of people going camping has been steadily increasing. People find many reasons to explore nature, and connect with their green side. Escaping the hustles of a city life is seen as the main reason for going out camping.

Even if it’s not your idea, you will certainly be invited by your family or friends to go along camping. Fear not though, here are some of the three key tips for your next camping trip:

  1. Carry the right gear

The right gear is most essential to ensure that your camping trip is a success.
You can read a lot of articles on the best camping gear that you need. The most important item on any list will be the tent. That is kind of obvious.
However, there are other items that one does not think of as very obvious.
Batteries, for one, are not on everyone’s survival list. Another would be the ham radios for survival situations.
Let me list out some more gear that you will need while camping, sleeping bags, dry clothes, torches, basic food supplies and medical supplies.

2. Know your first aid basics
Learning first aid, before you head out camping, is going to prove very helpful. Imagine a situation where one has a small fall. Or another one, someone cuts their finger with a sharp knife.

Knowing what to do immediately to take care of these minor injuries can help the injured. This can also ensure that the mood of the other campers is not dampened.
Whether it’s a sprained ankle or a severe wound – if some in the camp does not know how to attend to these situations, the camp could go sour.
Knowing how to sanitize a wound, or using a belt as a makeshift tourniquet are essential skills for you to have when you venture out.
First aid knowledge is critical and could save your or your friend’s life when in the wild.

3. Don’t forget the obvious

There are some things you must do during your camping trip. Let me list some of my favorite obvious facts.
Inform someone back at your home or office where you plan to camp.
Carry a paper map & a compass with you. Don’t rely on electronics and GPS signals. These may fail you in the wild. It’s better to go old school.
If you are worried about insects & bugs, carry a bug or insect repellent. You do not want to end up bitten.
Carry some old newspapers with you. They can be useful wrap things up or dry your clothes or shoes.

Camping is a fun activity. Knowing what to out in the wild can be very rewarding. Don’t let your worries get in the way of a good night out in the wild.

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