Why Have Vinyl Flooring?


All kinds of different floor types offer their own advantages and disadvantages and are in both commercial and home settings. But one in particular that has come along way with the advances in technology is vinyl.

If you are considering getting vinyl flooring in Silver Spring, MD or where you are, for either your home or your place of work there are a lot of advantages to that choice. It is a versatile option and whether used in private, commercial or public settings here is a look at why and where.

Why vinyl flooring is a great choice

Today there is a lot more option when it comes to different styles and types of vinyl flooring. You can find sheet vinyl, a more affordable option up to luxury end vinyl floor tiles.

Vinyl flooring comes in both tiles or sheets and depending on what you are using it for can have different properties to meet your needs. Anti-slip for example in commercial kitchens, or home bathrooms, or heavy-duty making it more durable if it is being used in a garage.

Vinyl lasts longer than most types of flooring, it is easy to clean when it gets dirty, it is very hard-wearing and can handle heavy traffic. It is not cold underfoot and is comfortable to walk on. Plus as well as the range of colors and looks should you need to you can find a professional company in vinyl flooring repair in Silver Spring, MD when it needs it.

Here is a closer look at just how versatile vinyl flooring can be.

Where is it used most successfully?

In home and commercial settings

Kitchens – When you need flooring that can handle spills, be stain-resistant and has constant traffic in and out while being comfortable to walk and stand on, easy to clean and durable, vinyl is a great option.

Bathrooms – Whether in public bathrooms in shopping centers, schools and so on, or ones in the home, vinyl floors are again easy to clean, and when there are often spills, easy to mop up. They are low maintenance compared to other options.
In commercial settings

Hospitals – All across hospitals, from the consultation rooms, theaters, corridors and more, vinyl flooring in Silver Spring, MD, and beyond is used due to its anti-slip, easy to maintain and durability.

Large stores – Department stores, grocery stores, and so on see large numbers of people walking across their floors every day. Customers need to feel comfortable but the flooring needs to quick and easy to clean so that there is a reduced risk of them slipping on wet floors.

Gyms and leisure centers – Where people are sweating, dripping from pools and showers and generating a lot of traffic vinyl floors cannot fail.


Where once vinyl flooring was just a practical option, now it comes in a lot more ranges and styles so the design can still play a role in your choice. Whether you use it for commercial or home use you can easily find vinyl flooring repair in Silver Spring, MD or where you are when you need it too.

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