What Does Your Hair Type Tell About You?


According to face reading experts, your facial features are not the only part of your body that represents your personality but your hair also plays a significant part in shaping your personality.

Also, you already know that our eyes are the doors to one’s soul. However, before people observe your personality, you make a first overall impression through your crown of hair. 

Your personality is one of those few things that your hair can show about you. Your crown of hair is one of the first things that people notice about you when you meet them. Hair tells people about who you’re and what type of personality you have.

Check out these things to find out what your hair type tells about you.

1. Girls with Red Hair are Bolder

The red color is very apparent and bold. If you have natural red hair or dyed your hair red, it means you are adventurous and a fearless person. These are the girls who really love to try out new and adventurous things in life.

2. Curls Represent a Warm Heart and Fun Personality

Women with curly hair have a bold and robust personality. They complete their every task within the time period and are also known to be very generous and warm.

3. Thick Wavy Hair Represents Creativity and Innovation

Girls with thick wavy hair have a strong and patient personality because they own the willpower and patience to grow out of their long wavy hair. These girls like to explore new things and love freedom now and then.

4. Long Thick Hair Means Strong Will Power

Taking care of your long thick hair is just like grooming thick eyebrows. Thick and long hair means you are confident, stubborn and don’t give up easily.

5. It Takes Courage to be Bald

Researchers say baldness in men is genetically inherited. However, men now have so many ways to fight their hair loss, such as medication, wigs and even hair transplants. Many try to hide their frontal baldness with an unaesthetic thwarting back ponytail.

  • The hairstyles for balding men require little more maintenance and are convenient. The clean-shaven look, short Caesar cut, buzz cut, or Roger Sterling look send a statement of courage and elegance.
  • For bald head, you can protect your scalp by using the best hair products or change your overall personality by growing facial hair. 
  • However, women who shave their heads send a constant in need of an instinctive love message.

6. Your Flawless Hair Reveals a Perfect Mind

Women with long and thick hair seem bohemian and youthful. If your hairstyle is sleek and straight, you provide your viewers with a straightforward and professional look. Even though your straight hair involves very little maintenance, the absence of messy fuzz shows your perfectionism. 

  • Straight-haired girls are straightforward, serious and professional as their personality because they seem to be more pulled together. 
  • Hair perception influences you, especially when making very first contact with your business partners, potential employers, or new friends. One research-based study demonstrates that thin hair seems healthier than the thick one. 
  • Moreover, your hair color may also lead to your health judgments, as medium copper to brown hair shades seems healthier than blonde hair.


Not everyone can be born with plenty of hair follicles. Remember that you are what you show. Your perception of others may include their hairstyles as their do on yours. However, hair blends with clothing, posture, attitude, the way you walk and much more. Consider what you want to show when getting ready for a new business or informal meeting, and you will send the right message.

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