Using a Chiropractor to Help with Pregnancy Pains


Pregnancy is not the same for every woman, and changes through the different stages in terms of not just the size of the bump but also the aches and pains you might experience! As the pregnancy progresses it can become more and more uncomfortable with issues like swollen ankles, back pain, poor sleep to name a few.

What some women do not know is that traditional medicine is not the only option to help with these concerns. You can find a prenatal chiropractor Monmouth County or where you are, and they can offer help too.

Oh, the discomforts of pregnancy!

Some women have smooth pregnancies with little to no discomfort. They are very lucky! Some have more discomfort in the later stages, and some have ups and downs all the way through.

Morning sickness that is all day, sensitivity to smells, heartburn, back pain, soreness, swelling, emotions, and hormones raging and an expanding stomach. There can be an impact on pelvic and spinal alignment during pregnancy and that is where a prenatal chiropractor Ocean County can help.

When a woman is expecting there is a hormone that is released in the body called relaxin and that is there to help prepare the body for the growing baby and for the process of giving birth. But that can lead to misalignment in the pelvic area as well and that can add to the discomfort a woman experiences. Misalignment can also mean the body is not as well prepared as it could be for the birthing, and that means it could be more painful, and more difficult.

What pre-natal chiropractic care can do to help

Just as with other areas in the healing world there are chiropractors who specialize in different areas, children, athletes, and a prenatal chiropractor Monmouth County for pregnant women. There are a lot of benefits to seeing one but essentially the main ones are;
• Relief from joint pain, neck pain, and back pain
• Giving relief from or at least a lessening in nausea you are feeling
• Less chance of having to need a c-section
• More chance of having a quicker, easier and less painful birth

When an expecting woman ensures they visit a chiropractor on a fairly regular basis, often weekly, they can have a chance to have their spine and pelvis adjusted so that they are back in their correct alignment. This can help the baby move into the proper birthing position reducing the possibility of a breach and giving them better balance and relief from pain.


Seeing a prenatal chiropractor Ocean County, or close to you, is completely safe for the mother and for the baby. It offers an alternative to drugs to get relief from discomfort and pain. Make sure you find a trained chiropractor and one that is certified and experienced in working to help pregnant women.

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