Things You Should Know About Vinyasa Yoga

What do you think of vinyasa practice? Do you see it as a workout or as a calisthenics class? On the other hand, do you see it as a sweatier version of yoga with no meditation component? Well, here are five known facts about vinyasa yoga you should know about.

1. It is not about exercise

Vinyasa is defined literally as an intelligent sequence of postures, however, many people associate Vinyasa with the ability to sweat or “yogacize,” and that draws a lot of people to it. Vinyasa yoga is a very subtle, beautiful, introspective practice, and exercise can be a side benefit. Yoga is about getting to know yourself better and learn how to love yourself.

2. It is about the organs

It is right to focus on stretching and strengthening in the beginning of a Vinyasa yoga practice. Immediately your muscles, becomes open, the practice will turns towards the joints. However, once your joints become open, you can access the organs freely. When it comes to circulation, vinyasa has so much to contribute and alleviate congestion in the organs.

3. It is a meditation in motion

Meditation is about focusing the mind. However, Vinyasa, helps to focus your mind due to the fact tat it provides you with something to focus on during, practice. It can also be described as a dynamic meditation. Be it the breath, movement, bandhas, or the asanas, there is a very strong component to practicing vinyasa yoga. It can also be useful, in helping you to stabilize as well as focus your entire life.

4. It a Hatha yoga breathing system

When practicing the Vinyasa yoga, breathing is usually done through the nose. For each single movement that is done, there is a breathing for it. For instance, if you are lifting your arm, you do not take two breaths to lift up those arms of yours. The rate at which the arm is moved and the breathe, needs to be synchronized, so it is a slow, even, smooth, inhalation, as well as a slow, concentrated lifting of the arm. At the beginning, this is usually very difficult but it helps to focus our mind because of the fact that we have to think about it.

5. There is a Drishti for the every pose

In the Hatha yoga, there are nine Drishtis or gazing points. These are also used in the vinyasa yoga. In addition, each of these poses, have a very specific Drishti. Yoga is about listening carefully as well as executing a task. Each pose that is carried out, has many tasks and one of them is the Drishti. Gazing in a specific direction, assist you to create the meditation for the pose.

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