The Law of Synchronicity – Subtle Signs, Big Results


Have you been amazed when the Law of Attraction seems to work like magic? You would just concentrate on what you wanted, imagine what it would look and feel like to have your desire fulfilled and — poof — your desire would come to you within days, and it would be plain to see.

On the other hand, there would be those other times. Even after you would follow the “proper” techniques the books and the courses told you about, there would still be little to show for it. And you would think: all that time spent, the weeks and the months!

Especially at those times, it’s vital to pay attention to the clues and opportunities that could lead to your success with the Law of Attraction.

Many students of Attraction don’t recognize when they’re getting excellent results, because they expect things to quickly just land in their laps. They miss the fact that the outcomes can often be much subtler. They need to be aware of something called “synchronicity”.

Here’s an example. Daniel’s a web designer and a Law of Attraction student who attended several of my classes recently. He complained that the manifestation technique I taught him failed to create that extra income he wanted after he “really” tried it and patiently waited for a few weeks.

I asked him some questions to see if I could help:

“Have you met anybody new recently?”

“Has anyone unexpectedly contacted you?”

He thought about his answers for a bit. And then he revealed that, yes, seemingly out of the blue, a friend from childhood had emailed him only a couple weeks ago.

I suggested that he should tell his old friend about his web design skills, and tell him that he was looking for extra income. When he did that, his friend said that his company just happened to be searching for a talented and affordable web designer to work on a freelance basis. “I’d be glad to recommend you to my company,” his friend said.

And very soon after that Daniel manifested thousands of extra dollars and began receiving other paying clients. All the result of that friendly freelance job contact with a friend!

The Subconscious Mind and Synchronicity

Your subconscious mind is your magical genie that makes the Law of Attraction really work. It has access to resources and contacts about which you consciously know nothing. Instead of directly fulfilling your desire, it will draw special people or circumstances to you to enable you to get what you want.

So, as you are waiting for your desire to be fulfilled, be sure to pay close attention to interesting or strange coincidences that pop up, because they may hold the key to manifesting your goal. These coincidences are called synchronicities which are evidences of your mind at work as it draws to you what you need to fulfill your desires. Be on the lookout for the following synchronicities:

  • Books, articles or news stories about the object of your desire. You might learn some vital information.
  • Old friends or co-workers suddenly contacting you. They might have the ability to help you get what you want, so ask them for it.
  • Conversations where your goal is unexpectedly mentioned. By asking questions, you might find out how it could help you in your goals.
  • New people you meet in your daily life.
  • Offers from various sources that might lead to eventual goal achievement.
  • Dreams about ways to fulfill your desires. Write down your dreams and analyze them to discover if they offer a certain direction.

The signs don’t always appear immediately. And sometimes we miss them altogether. So it can take days, weeks or even months for us to become aware of these manifesting opportunities. But when we notice them, it’s up to us to follow through. The Law of Attraction and synchronicity do not take the place of practical action. That’s our responsibility.

To conclude, while this important law can bring instant fulfillment, it more often brings us the subtle means for achieving the results we want instead. And when it does, we should be ready to take appropriate action to seize our opportunities. So stay focused, stay aware and get ready to bring your desire into full manifestation.

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