The Benefits of a POS System instead of a Cash Register


All businesses that offer an item for sale or a service people are willing to pay for need to have some kind of cash register to handle sales. In that past, that was all that was needed. It was a place the cash was kept and the receipt generated and given. In recent years there have been new developments in technology though, and more people are realizing the advantages of a POS system in Denver or anywhere has to offer. Cash registers might still be relevant in second-hand stores and charity shops, but in businesses, these are an excellent system that offers card payment options, reports, inventory checks and much more.

Useful and detailed reports

With a POS system, you can store a lot of very important information that you can use to help boost sales and improve the experience customers have in your store. You can get access to that detailed data a lot quicker than ever before just from any of the terminals you have. If you want to check what times of the day are the busiest, which staff member process sales faster, which product is most popular, or anything else, you can find accurate answers very quickly. With a point of sale in Denver transaction, times are a lot faster including refunds, returns and all of those other kinds of transactions.

Better accuracy

Speed and reports are not the only advantages you can get. Accuracy too is a huge factor. Human workers make errors in transactions, but with a computerized system, there is less chance for that. Since they only need to scan the bar codes, which takes perhaps 2 seconds per item, versus entering in numbers manually. Changing prices on the system is quick and accurate. If you have more than one store and that change needs to be across all of them, that can happen. What is true at one store or at one ‘register’ is true at all of them.

Inventory tracking made easy

A POS system in Denver makes inventory taking and stock management a breeze. You know how many of one item has been sold, what sizes need re-ordering, what stock needs pushing or displaying better and so on. You can be much more efficient and how you manage and order your inventory. Stock reports can be gathered at any time from the system and there are no potential errors with manual entries. You can choose the type of tracking method that best suits you. Periodic where the system counts after a period you set, monthly, 3 monthly and so on. Then there is Perpetual tracking which means the tracking and adjustments are made in real-time as they happen.

Additional features you could expand with

Another benefit with a point of sale in Denver that a traditional cash register will not give is that you can upgrade your system with extra features as and when you need them. As your business grows and expands you can check what is available and add new software modules.

This article is penned by Jay Meyers. Jay is a content contributor on NYK Daily and this piece is a sponsored post for Redstone Payment Solutions, a Denver based firming that’s putting more money into the pockets of merchants by offering better margins on POS systems.

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