Questions for a Paint Contractor

If you are moving into a new home but the outside is a bit shabby, or maybe your current home needs a bit of a facelift and new lick of paint you may be considering looking for painters in Atlanta to get the job done. Understandably you want to hire a professional business to do this, someone with a great reputation as the best paint contractor around.

Just word of mouth from someone you know does not necessarily mean you will get the best experience from the same people. There are some things you need to know and look into first so that you can trust the project is done to a professional level.

Ask questions beyond getting a quote

When you get in contact with the different painters in Lawrenceville, you should not only be concerned with the quote they offer for the job. There are other things to ask and learn so you better know whether they qualify to work for you. Here are some things you want to know the answers to;

  1. Find out how much experience they have – Look for contractors that have a lot of projects and clients. Ask about the experience they have, how long they have been in the industry and about their record of work. The more experienced the painter is the better they most often are at the work, and also the quicker at getting work done too. Ask to see a portfolio.
  2. Do they have a specialty? – Some will specialize in a certain area of the field for example, some contractors work more on commercial properties. If the contractor you contacted is one whose expertise is elsewhere, then that may not be a great match.
  3. Make sure they have insurance and are certified – Ask painters in Atlanta to show you proof that they have the proper insurance and that they are certified to work in your area as a paint contractor. The insurance is in case of an accident happening on your property while they work, and the certification indicates a level of seriousness and professionalism.
  4. Are they the ones that will finish the job? – Sometimes a contractor might start the job but have a less experienced member of the team finish it. You need to know if that is likely to happen and how you feel about it.
  5. How long will it take to complete the job? – While painting a house can be a big job especially the larger the home is, that does not mean it should take months to finish.
  6. Do they have references and are they genuine? – Ask for references and check they are genuine by talking to them. Ask the former customers about the quality of work, punctuality, tidiness, was the job finished on time?


When looking for painters in Lawrenceville you will see there are a lot of options but not all of them can tick every box. Ask your questions and do some homework first. Choose the best, not just the cheapest.

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