Natural Happiness- A journey within

Coming upon and retaining natural happiness can seem unattainable at first, particularly when residual unhappiness can leave us feeling helpless to do anything other than endure such. But, with commitment of decision to dealing with this ongoing debilitating state once and forever, our life can change dramatically for the good.

Despite material success, societal status and general positive financial good fortune, there can remain an ocean of soul emptiness, constant discontent — a distinct absence of free-flowing love, optimism and fulfilment over which we seem to have no control. It feels like being stuck in a downward depressive spiral with only fleeting momentary happiness. The temptation to mood altering products such as alcohol, nicotine and other such dependence potential substances, become real.

Confused and bewildered by not knowing what to do, our life seems governed by this unrelenting cycle, this compulsive behavioural pattern of indecision and self-doubt. Moods of depression, fuelled by ongoing stress and fatigue remain a constant – an overpowering dynamic which can place natural alleviation means beyond our perceived practical reach.

Deep down we yearn for naturally recurring happiness to replace this prison-like mood-swing state of mind and come upon that ever-present flow of contentment and well-being.

Even though, from a materialistic point, there isn’t a single thing, which, if we had, would change our mind-state to natural happiness. Yet, for some reason, we seem stuck in a ‘searching for that elusive happiness’ groove — the ‘carrot and stick’ mentality which seems to maintain the status quo unabatedly. We say: one day I’ll find that missing jigsaw piece, that magical over the rainbow state of mind, then, all will be well.

At first, in our anxiety-driven struggle to be free of this fatiguing, stress-filled life pattern, our thinking becomes irrational, clouded. We rush to panic conclusions, like, maybe it’s down to this reason or that condition, consequently, in our attempt to deflect from self-responsibility, “blaming” and procrastinating become easy choices.Thus, in our struggle to be free of deep-seeded unhappiness, we become exteriorly focused on chemically based products and unnatural lifestyles for solutions, but, which invariably help only to maintain, and even worsen the situation.

So, what’s the suggested solution of dispersing this unrelenting mood-cloud which overshadows our inner sunshine and blights our personal well-being? What’s this scourge which sabotages our flow of unconditional love, ebullient self-expression and fun-partaking in life — how do we rid of it permanently?

To grasp answers to these pivotal questions, some basic understanding of how our deeper mind operates is desirable – nothing complicated — just simple insights on how our everyday mental dynamic functions.

In a nutshell, there is a level of mind known as sub-consciousness – a level of imposed conditioning by parents, society, schooling, peers, religion and nation; a collection of mental imprints which go to frame our self-image, beliefs systems, perceived abilities and self value. These automatically recurring though-feeds to the conscious mind are primarily generational; a programmed inheritance which, should we remain in ignorance of, increases as we go through life. Being subconscious — outside of conscious awareness — these embedded thought patterns remain silently active in deeper consciousness — acted out in our daily life automatically – until, of course, we consciously interrupt the cycle, the loop-feed to the conscious mind.

This sub-consciousness is not a separate mind rather a submerged aspect of our full mind — the storage chip which contains every nuance of learned behaviour. Housing all our convictions, phobias, fears and addictions, this subconscious content exists in a perfectly mastered CD-like state.

Known also as subconscious reactive thought patterns, this suppressed conditioning depends on mental tension, physical stress, life-fears, low self-esteem but, most important of all, ignorance of its existence, for its survival. In other words, mental stress / physical tension are prerequisite energy dynamics for prolonging this involuntary influencing of our conscious mind, resulting possibly in unnatural or addiction-driven lifestyles which ultimately can lead to further unhappiness and even depression. In other words, through non awareness of the subconscious content and its live activity, we’re unwittingly blocking our own sunshine, strangling our own bliss at source.

To rid of these subconscious thought patterns our first port of call, even responsibility is to recognise our self-ignorance in this regard: that such life-influencing activity is happening subconsciously without our conscious consent, and, that, intellectual awareness alone of such isn’t sufficient for its eradication.

It’s estimated we use only about 1/5th of our total mind. Thus, to reclaim the submerged 4/5th aspect, it’s necessary to neutralize the automatically recurring subconscious thought patterns, thereby allow the body’s inner mechanisms produce and assimilate optimal health and natural well-being into consciousness – as in mind so in body — thus our life-experiencing can be through the prism of natural happiness, creative well-being and enlightened understanding.

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