Mi Band 4 – A Short Review


When we are talking about smart watch, the name Mi Band lines (from Xiaomi) would be included in the topic. The band lines are known for their quite impressive fitness tracking technologies without breaking the band. It won’t be different with Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Learning the specs and the features of the smartwatch can help you make an informative decision about your fitness tracking portable device.

The Pros and Cons

Just like other Mi Band lines, this Mi Band 4 is quite affordable – if not very cheap. The slim and attractive design is visually pleasing. Plus, it has a heart rate monitor if you want to check on your condition. Check out the MI Band 4

Be advised, though, that you shouldn’t expect too much from the device. Don’t expect it to come with a GPS. The heart rate tracker can be quite so-so. It may not be the most sophisticated device to have. The screen visibility is quite poor in daylight, but it isn’t a problem when you are indoor or under a shade.

Design and Wear

No need to fret, though. The new Band 4 is claimed to come with various new features, such as better design, bigger screen, and waterproof ability. In terms of design, the new one is better. It may not be super amazing, but it is better than the last one. It is also quite comfortable when worn, especially when sweating. You may not remember that you are wearing one.

And the bands are coming in different attractive colors of blue, purple, red, and black. With silicone strap, it is nice on your wrist – although some people say that the silicone makes the device look unattractive. Although Xiaomi doesn’t have other materials (for the straps), it is highly likely that you can find alternative straps from third-party manufacturers.

With the combination of bigger screen and touchscreen feature, operating the device is nice. But be ready if the touchscreen isn’t always responsive. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Some people even say that it isn’t easy to navigate, but you will get the hang of it after a while. Just don’t get upset with it.

Waterproof Ability

Thanks to the waterproof feature, you can take the smart watch to the shower or swimming. Its waterproof ability is quite okay for 50 meters of depth – but don’t go deeper. Because of the comfy design, you can also take it for outdoor activities, like hiking, running, or other athletic stuff.  But as it was mentioned before, the screen isn’t easy to read under the sunlight, so you need to find a shady spot. It won’t be a problem if you are indoor.

Tracking Convenience

The fitness tracking features are quite nice. It has a heart rate monitor that can be operated manually or automatically. It can be used to monitor your sleep, so you know your total sleep or whether you experience light or deep sleep. It has exercise features for calories burned, distance moved, or steps taken.

Another thing to like is the long battery life. The battery lasts to 20 days although it depends on your activities, but you can expect it to last up to days without having to recharge it over and over again. Recharging it to 100% is fast. Within an hour, you can get your smart watch up and running right away.

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