Knock Knock- is Failure Home? (Part 4)

I know, failure is a frightening word. Our parents, teachers, relatives and friends all tell us about success but no one talks about failure. Failure is considered bad. But this bad is a reality which we all have to face, off and on, in our life whether we like it or not. Failure is a part of life and we should not be afraid to fail

The fear of failure is painfully bad for everyone, and this becomes the most common reason why people remain reluctant to take initial steps towards their goals and thus remain unsuccessful. In order to overcome the fear of failure you need to learn not to afraid of failing. Losing is not as fatal as inaction is. A person who is not moving, out of the fear of failure, is indeed a failed person.

Failure is good for you because:

– When you fail, you come to know the grey areas of your personality, mostly remain unknown to you. By knowing and overcoming your weaknesses you become a wiser person. It increases your chances of future successes in life.

– You learn from your mistakes and failure provides you an unique learning experience which you cannot learn otherwise.

– You know your true worth. You know about your friends and foes. You know to whom you can depend on and to whom you should not.

– Failure makes you a strong person because when you go through difficult times only then you learn how to survive in any bad situation.

– Failure teaches you that strong people never give up. They treat each failure as a step closer towards their success. They keep on trying until they achieve success.

– Failure makes you realize the importance of success. It tests your ability to bounce back even in the worst circumstances and thus become a stepping stone of success.

– In order to succeed, one has to face the fall bravely because nobody can achieve success without tasting the memorable fruit of failure.

– It enables you to take tough decisions in difficult times. You can face challenges of life with courage and a positive state of mind.

– It can become a motivational tool if you strongly believe in your goals and determined to achieve success at all costs.

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