Indian Navy rescues pregnant woman in Nicobar islands

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Indian Navy, in a swift rescue operation, safely evacuated a pregnant woman in emergency labour from Daring, a remote village in Nicobar Islands.

“The crisis call was made after civil administration found that it was nearly impossible for them to carry the patient through 20 km treacherous terrain in such a medical condition,” said a senior Indian Navy officer.

Immediately, a fast intercepter craft (FIC) of Indian Navy Ship Kardip in Kamorta island, swung into action. A team of Indian Navy, including medical officer first took the Community Health Centre staff and reached Daring Village at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Post embarkation of the patient, the boat left the village late in the evening.

While in the boat, which was moving bit slowly because of patient”s condition, the woman delivered a baby. Thereafter, both mother and baby were transferred to the Community Health Centre on arrival in Kamorta Jetty.

“Both mother and baby are safe and in good health,” the officer said.

The whole operation, owing to the nature of emergency, required delicate handling of the fast interceptor craft throughout the travel of approximately 20 km by sea from Daring to the Kamorta Jetty.

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