Improving Your Home’s Appearance – Hiring a Painting Contractor


Deciding to refresh and update the appearance of your home is a great one. With a painting contractor job you can make it somewhere you are proud to come home to and have people over, and it has the bonus of adding value to the property should you be selling some time in the near future.

But it can be challenging finding the best John’s Creek exterior painter. Here some tips on what to look for so you have the best experience and are left feeling completely happy with your home.

Be careful of painting contractor that asks for a large deposit

Sometimes you will come across contractors for house painting Atlanta who ask for a deposit before they start the work. You should be very wary of these kinds of painters. A professional that is well-established, that has the kind of operating income this profession needs should not need to ask for a deposit to get materials and such.

They should be able to pay for themselves and then take the full payment at the end of a job done well. It is far too easy for such a person to take that deposit and walk away doing nothing. If you do agree to this make sure the materials are purchased and then left with you.

Look for insurance

You should expect any good contractor to have the right insurance. Some will agree they have it but offer no proof. The best companies are very happy to show you or even give you a copy of their policy without making you feel odd for asking.

Look for warranties

Painting Contractors that are well established and have a great reputation will often offer a warranty on the work they perform. Some even offer extended or lifetime warranties because they are that confident in the materials they use and their skill in painting. Finding this kind of contractor is a very good idea if you want only the best.

Look for a contractor that makes that extra effort

The good ones also offer more than just the bare minimum in service and work. A top John’s Creek exterior painter will offer a consultation for color, free color testing, two coats as standard, power washing for no charge, touch-ups for free and such.

Expect a detailed quote

When you get a quote make sure you get a detailed one and that it is done professionally on company letterhead, with their license number, phone number, tax number and such.

What references can they offer?

Ask for references and contact them to ask about their experience when they had the contractor do house painting Atlanta. Discuss with them their experience with the contractor, how was the paintwork straight after, and how is it doing now however long later.

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