How to provide a Perfect Environment for your ‘Tree Frog’


Tree frogs are one of the most wonderful pets, particularly when you are likely to face a crisis for room in your apartment. There are different species of frogs that are ideally perfect pets, but before deciding to keep them, you must be informed on ways to keep frogs because each of these species of frogs are different, hence, the type of care required for them is not the same.

As compared to large pets, frogs do not need much attention. But all they need is a humid environment such as a small millpond or spring with some branches to rest on, and a shelter to hide in the day. You have to provide them with an environment, which is similar to a normal tree frog habitat. These amphibians reside in trees so they possess amazing climbing talents, and effortlessly scale the walls of any glass tank.

When you take care of frogs, you may have to set up some lengthy sticks or plants in the tanks where these pets can rest. These species of frogs love small bugs and crickets are their favorite meals. It is a spectacle when you see them go after their prey and devour them. Take a look at some of the preferred frog species as pets.

Red-Eyed Frogs

Red-Eyed Tree Frogs are bright in color and gorgeous, thus, they are known as one of the most wanted tree frogs as pets. Their lifespan is about four years. Ideally, your pets residing tank must be high, and possibly more than the width. Maintain a temperature of 78 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit which ideal in daytime, and can be about 67 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit at night. The glass tank needs to be at least 80 to 100 percent humid at any period of time.

Green Frogs

Green Tree Frogs have two subspecies that are popular as exotic pets. One of them is the American Green Frog found in the United States and the other is the Australian frog mostly found in Australia and New Zealand. The glass tank where these frogs are kept must be made from artificial turf or carpet. Put some tiny branches in the glass tank on which the frogs can climb. If you have American Green Tree Frogs as pets, maintain temperatures 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gray Frogs

Gray Frogs are medium in size and are nocturnal creatures. These frogs feed on insects and worms as well. These frogs need hiding spots for resting in the day. Maintain the moisture by using water dishes.

These are some of the frogs as pets and their mode of living. If you plan to get a tree frog as a pet, do provide them with similar environments and try to maintain the exact feeding habits and enjoy having this beautiful species as your pets.

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