How to Discover your Goals in the Current Century?


Whether you are leading an organization or business, or merely seeking to be the best, most productive individual, you can be, you must have goals, which have some sort of special meaning, or significance, to you! How often have you heard, or read, some discussion/article, which emphasizes the importance of goal-setting? Even after that, have you been able to settle on, and focus on goals which are relevant, motivating, and important, to you, personally? Most individuals state their personal goals, to be what they observe those around them saying. However, is everyone the same, and does everyone, automatically have the same goals, values, needs, concerns and priorities? When was the last time you took the time, to be introspective enough, to give yourself a checkup, from the neck up? Let’s review some ideas, which may assist us, in being able to DISCOVER our true goals.

1. Delve deeply: Don’t merely jump at the first thing, which comes to mind, or what someone else may want, desire, need, etc. Rather, delve deeply, into what truly might make you happy, and satisfied, and how that relates to your personal goals, etc.

2. Ideas; ideology; intent: What do you want the main intent of your life to be, at least at this juncture in time? Why have you come up with these, and what would you consider your compelling ideology, which drives you towards doing something, or taking a specific direction? Are your ideas, your own, or are you merely being a puppet, and repeating what others have spewed?

3. Strengths; solution-solving: Everyone has certain strengths and weaknesses. Do you know yours? How will you use your personal strengths, while adequately addressing your areas of weakness? Do you merely consider challenges as problems, or as obstacles, which you will solve, through quality solution-oriented evaluations, and actions?

4. Clearcut; cooperative: How clearly do you see what needs to, or should be done? Can you come to a clearcut action plan? Do you focus on cooperation, or negatives, etc?

5. Opinions; options; opportunities: We’ve all heard the adage, which makes an analogy between one’s opinions, and their posterior! Basically, that everyone has one, but that doesn’t make it right! There are always a variety of options and opportunities, so prepare yourself to be ready, willing and able to opt for the best available way, and proactively move forward, in your honorable quest.

6. Values; value; vision: Do you possess a personal, compelling, vital, vibrant vision? Does it align with quality values (and absolute integrity), or do you merely opt for the path of least resistance (or the easy way out)? Does your way emphasize value, in every conceivable manner?

7. Evaluate; emphasize; expectations: Are your hopes and expectations, your own? How do you evaluate and compare things? What do you place the most emphasis on, and why?

8. Relevance; rationale; realistic; rational: Do you avoid getting bogged down in petty issues (Don’t sweat the petty stuff), and focus on the most relevant matters, first? Can you appreciate fully, your rationale, behind why you feel, and do, as you do? Is your way realistic, and achievable, and are you pursuing a rationale, but extraordinary set of realities?

Goal setting is essential, yet often quite challenging. Hopefully, this mnemonic discussion, helps you better DISCOVER your goals.

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