How Exactly can One Remove Negative Thoughts

Any negativity in thought, feeling or behavior is a separation from your real or higher self. It’s a separation from reality itself – which we can term temporary insanity. This is based on the fact that the universe as a whole is an all-positive phenomenon where not a speck of negativity exists. The universe moves in perfect harmony with every person, place and thing within it. – Otherwise life could not exist and flourish within it.

Negativity such as anger, resentment, impatience, fear, guilt, insecurity, boredom, frustration, anxiety, worry, and the like, is usually an expression of denial or refusal. It’s anything lacking in constructiveness, helpfulness, usefulness, cooperativeness and optimism. Negativity of any name or nature contradicts this universal harmony, so will result in negative feedback – for what goes around, comes around. What gives, gets. Nothing true, good or positive can possibly come from a negative foundation because the negative is always false or unreal. It’s a lie from beginning to end.

Any negativity you experience in your life exists primarily in your mind and is all ego- or self-created. Part of your mind makes it up and another part believes it. You have a free will and, consciously or unconsciously, you – the egotistical or self-centered you, have chosen to indulge or express it in order to make yourself feel better about yourself, to justify yourself. The ego takes everything personally: “How dare my computer run so slowly!” “How dare that idiot driver cut me off!” It’s all about you instead of about life itself.

Taking everything personally is your current default position, and is the father of all the negativity in your life. Until you grow out of this self-centeredness you were born with, you’re going to have to learn to control your negative emotions rather than not have them at all. You control them by making them dead on arrival by not entertaining, romancing or indulging them for more than a split second. Prevention is key because negativity comes with the self-centered personality. It comes with the flesh.

This is where detached awareness comes into play. You want to stay on top of your thoughts and feelings. Notice their emergence into awareness as soon as possible – then immediately dismiss them. Change the subject. Pause. Walk away. When you witness them from a distance, they disintegrate on their own – as if from lack of fuel.

Your personally-indulgent attention is what gives negative thought and feeling energy, power and a false reality. This is how we “create our own monsters.” As you consciously distance yourself from all thought and feeling – both negative and positive, you unite with your real, all-positive self. Separating from your lower self is the gesture that connects you to your higher self. It’s amazing!

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